Plant Wisdom: Rose

Updated: Apr 27, 2019

Image: Maia Toll's Illustrated Herbiary

The plant which revealed itself for today's Plant Wisdom blog post is Rose (Rosa species). There are many different types of Rose and this reflects our human fascination with this wonderful plant; we want to discover it, explore it, inhale it, know it, adapt it and create new varieties of it. Much like ourselves.

Rose has a deep and colourful past and the keys to unlocking its mystery is right in front of us, the aspects of rose that we overlook until they insist that we pay them attention - its thorns.

We usually always consider Rose's thorns something to be avoided when appreciating the scent and beauty of the flower - and sometimes we even cultivate Rose to remove her thorns - but Rose teaches us that we must embrace them; those thorny aspects of ourselves give us duality, creating a fuller us. And when the thorns of life, or those of ourselves or others, wound us deeply, Rose is here to help.

Common Uses

In Greek mythology, Rose was created from the body of a nymph. Rose has been used for centuries in love potions, expressing that love which we cannot find the words for. Many different types of Rose are used in Aromatherapy and I have found in my practice that Rosa damascena and Rose Otto both have profound effects in supporting us through depression, sadness, hopelessness, grief and loss.

Spirit Medicine

If we have deep emotional wounds, especially those from hurt or rejection, Rose is here to comfort. But it is also here to encourage us to have a love for ourselves, which is where true love begins. Its sweetness, gentleness and kindness is there to nurture an appreciation and love for who we are, thorns and all.


This post is intended for information purposes only and not medical advice - please visit the terms page for more details . Please seek advice from a medical professional and, if you are considering herbal medicine, please consult a professional Herbalist.

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