shamanic healing

Shamanic Tradition and Practice

Shamanic teachings consider that everything that exists is alive and has a spirit, connected with all things through a web of life, that everything on earth is interconnected and that to consider that we are separate from this is only an illusion.

Traditionally a Shaman was an important part of tribal and community life, a medicine person said to be able to communicate with Spirit and, through guided trance, journey to spiritual realms with the help of their own spiritual allies and guides in order to communicate with Spirit and to initiate healing. This guided journey is often facilitated using drums, rattles or bells and initiates an altered brain state that allows the Shaman to journey to the spiritual realms.

Shamanic Healing Ceremonies

Modern day Shamanism still follows this tradition, with trained and experienced practitioners like myself working with power animals and spirit helpers to seek advice and healing for the client.  You may have heard of power animals and this is one of the most common types of spirit energies that work with the Shamanic Practitioner - others include guardian spirits and spirit teachers offering help. Shamanic Healing Ceremonies should only be undertaken by a qualified, experienced Shamanic Practitioner.

As with all holistic approaches, Shamanic Healing Ceremonies are very much a two way process, with dedication from both the practitioner and the client. It is important that if you are considering a Shamanic Healing Ceremony, you are willing and ready to make changes toward a positive, spiritually supportive way of being. Please visit the Power Retrieval, Soul Retrieval and Extraction pages for more information.

Blessingway (Mother's Blessing)
The Blessingway is a Goddess led ceremony in circle celebrating the expectant mother and offering blessings to both the mother and baby. For women who wish to celebrate their upcoming motherhood, the Blessingway is a spiritual and shamanic gathering that many women arrange either as an addition, or as an alternative, to a baby shower.  These can be conducted one to one or in a group session. Please contact me for more details.
Your Ceremonies
One ceremonial one to one session is around 1.5 - 2 hours including time for talking therapy, the healing ceremony itself and time afterwards to integrate the healing. Separate, follow on healing ceremonies are often suggested or recommended, depending on the nature of the healing taking place and whether further healing is recommended.  For some clients, I may stipulate a requirement to commit to a minimum number of sessions before considering working together. Shamanic healing is sacred work that requires integrity, honesty and respect for the guides and teachers who conduct the healing and it is not a 'quick fix' for the healing of the spirit and soul. While one ceremony can be incredibly beneficial, the reason for requesting healing may require specialised ongoing healing and experienced practices and may require a series of ceremonies. We lose parts of our soul essence and personal power in our lived experiences throughout our lives and may also be engaged in situations, emotions and thought forms that are difficult to release. Follow on sessions may be advised as part of a treatment plan or dependent on the guidance received during a ceremony.
Remote Shamanic Healing Ceremonies
Shamanic Healing Ceremonies can also be conducted remotely if you have physical, mental or emotional mobility limitations or restrictions that prevent you from attending in person or are geographically unable to attend in person. I regularly perform Shamanic Healing Ceremonies remotely for clients both in Scotland and internationally. Please visit Remote Shamanic Healing Ceremonies for more details and to book online.
For information on space clearing, please visit House, Space and Land Clearing