Trump: From The Fool To The World

The past few days I've been thinking of a few things, two of which have occupied my mind more than most - Donald Trump and a vision I had with the Moon around 20 years ago. Both are rather bizarrely related to each other but in this post I thought I'd write about Trump as he's been quite the media presence the past few days.

He is an incredibly divisive figure and one which stokes many emotions in people, from adoration to repulsion. This week the mainstream media reported its view on his comments in one of his briefings on intravenous disinfectants to treat Coronavirus. Social media was immediately on the case and his comments became the latest in a long line of Trumpisms.

I watched the briefing where he spoke his comments and I read the transcript. There was something about the whole thing that didn't sit quite right with me. I am not an advocate of Trump so, surprisingly, it wasn't his words that made me recoil. No, instead it was the way they were reported and the social media onslaught of intrepretation that ensued. And I found it rather shadowy.

My shamanic work harnesses the incredible powers of spiritual guides, teachers and their incredible light and love for healing. But in order to do that, I have to delve into the darkness they guide me to, those places where the light is needed most because this is where aspects of ourselves - those which are pushed aside, fractured, lost, frightened but not forgotten - reside and if I am to retrieve them and return them to you - cleansed, restored, recovered, whole - in the shadows is where I have to go.

I'm aware that for some of you what you are going to read next may surprise you. Your first reaction may be to dismiss it. It may even alter your perception of me. But I am a truth seeker and this is integral to both the work I do and the life I live. The pursuit of truth is often initially challenging to my clients in the first steps of their own healing but it is the only way in the process for the light to return. The truth hurts but it also heals. So here it is. Trump spoke a truth.

Bringing In The Light

In one of his briefings, Trump spoke of Ultraviolet (UV) therapy and light therapy (Phototherapy), and placing this within the body to treat Coronavirus. He spoke of using disinfectants intravenously. Intravenous UV therapy is commonly known as Ultraviolet Blood Irradation therapy (UBI) and was commonly used in the 1930s, 40s and 50s for all manner of illnesses including septicemia, pneumonia and tuberculosis. UBI therapy has disinfectant effects. Despite what certain sources are focusing on in their reporting, disinfectants are not the domain of household cleaners. I have seen posts of supporters of the opposing party in the US using their own distortions on sentences from Trump's briefing to promote their allegiances, and many of these distortions are far more dangerous than any of Trump's original comments.

Phototherapy, including sunlight exposure (Heliotherapy), was also a common treatment to support the immune system, and ofcourse UV is present in sunlight. We can see how important being outdoors and sunlight was in recovery and healing from illness when we look at the architecture of hospitals like the old Victoria Infirmary in Glasgow - large gardens and huge balconies for patients, directly across from one of the biggest parks in the city of Glasgow.

In 1934, a study of 75 people with cases of pneumonia that were confirmed by X-rays, patients were treated with UBI. All patients responded well and showed a rapid fall in temperature, disappearance of blueish appearance to the skin (often within 3–5 minutes), a marked reduction in pulse rate and a rapid resolution of normal lung tissue.

With the increasing development and use of antibiotics, Heliotherapy and UBI therapy gradually began to fade in popularity in conventional medicine and now it is considered more 'alternative' however treatments like Phototherapy are still used to treat conditions like jaundice in newborn babies and certain skin conditions. There are many factions of mainstream medicine who consider light therapy approaches still to be of huge benefit.

Change In The Time Of Corona

We are in the middle of massive change and with change comes uncertainity. We are not sure what to believe and we look to authority to guide us but much of authority is also now in a state of change and what they thought they we were sure of is no longer sure either. There are medical professionals, researchers and virology experts with different opinions to the current mainstream narrative, expressing their concerns on approaches and methods used to minimise spread and treat the virus, and they are being hidden by censorship. There is an IT software billionnaire presenting as a vaccination expert, who is the biggest funder of the World Health Organisation, being bolstered. Do you get the feeling everything is a little upside down and backsides forwards right now?

The mainstream is always about sides; This Thing = Good and This Other Thing = Bad. We feel comfortable, unchallenged in these camps. It is very easy to see everything on one side as Good/Right and everything on another side as Bad/Wrong as this is often where we are led. We stay there when our minds are led in a way that encourages us to be rigid in our conditioned thinking, or if we live in fear of what others will think of us if we question what we are told. But life is about nuance and we have an opportunity to rediscover this now. To unearth those truths that may not be easy to notice in amongst everything else but which are incredibly important. So how do we find this nuance? We go with our intuition, what feels right to us, what we feel - what we KNOW - is the truth. To trust this we need to connect with ourselves, the world around us and our spirituality, whatever this may mean to us. Whether it's God, Allah, Buddha or whether it's Angels, universal light or the energy that sprouts a seed. To acknowledge and listen to its communications. We might not be used to this. It might take us time to learn the language and understand what it is saying. And when we do, we might take a little time to trust. But trust we must.

The Fool And The World

The word trump, in relation to playing cards, is derived from the latin trionfi, a type of 15th century playing cards from which tarot cards were derived and they were used to play games. The Major Arcana in tarot cards are considered the trump cards, those that take precedence over all other cards. They are a step by step journey of experiences, of revelations, a circle of life. From the first card, The Fool - trusting in the first step into the unknown - to the last card, The World - the end of a life cycle after change, apsects of male and female, above and below, perfect union of cosmic and earthly. The place of balance between Good and Bad?

As I sit here typing this, I am watching two incredible Ravens who have recently begun to visit my garden, along with two Crows. One Raven is decimating the suet balls and the other is sitting right in the centre of my medicine wheel. And I am thinking to myself that perhaps there is a larger, more cosmic reason why we have been blessed right now, during this time, with so much sun, so much light therapy, in a month that is always known for its rain.

Wishing you courage, truth and light,


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