Discover The Dragoness™ Part II: Qi Exercises For The Menopause

Updated: Apr 2, 2019

In this follow up post to Enter the Dragoness Part I: The Power Of The Menopause, I share some Qi (Chi) exercises to help support, energise and balance ourselves through the demanding time of menopause.

For the ancient Chinese, the Dragon is the most powerful of symbols, a much revered energy. It symbolises the Yang energy of the Creative, an active and electrically charged force that manifested in the thunderstorms, representing supreme wisdom, power and control. In some ancient Taoist texts, the Dragon Exercise appeared under different names, as it was forbidden. The emperors at the time did not want the people to envisage themselves as dragons as they thought they would rise up and overthrow the prevailing power. This resonates strongly with the Western cultural inverse use of ‘dragon’ in order to disarm powerful, ‘testing’ women that I talk about in Enter The Dragoness Part I: The Power Of The Menopause

Qi Exercise: Dragon Pose

The Dragon Exercise is an energetically empowering pose that encourages the characteristics of the Dragon to be instilled in us. If we are to imagine becoming the Dragon, we visualise our fingers and toes as its splayed long claws, our skin as the glistening scales, our eyes as large and glowing, our mouths open and fanged and our breath as fire. In many Eastern cultures, the Dragon is depicted without wings but if you love the idea of wings (and who doesn’t), add those powerful, imaginary beauties coming from your shoulder blades and stretch them as far as you like.

Raise one foot slightly – it doesn’t have to be off the ground if you have difficulty keeping balance. Hold one arm up at your chest, with claws down, and the other arm down at your side with claws up. Hold the pose for as long as is comfortable. The important thing is to unite your body and mind together, holding the image in your mind as it is reflected in your body. If your mind wanders, don't worry, just bring your focus back on the Dragon visualisation. The wonderful thing about this exercise is it affords us freedom of self expression so imagine what you like. Create your own unique Dragon and do what feels natural to you.

Enter The Dragoness posts

A series of three blog posts, with this as the second post, on the importance of how we personally perceive the menopause, the transformative changes it brings and how to embrace the metamorphosis with grace and confidence using exercises to restore, revive and heal.

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