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I had this time-worn little sticker in a place on my allotment where it could remind me of the importance of staying true to myself. Here's one example of how it served me well.

I had a meeting with an organisation who do great work supporting health and wellness. The meeting was to talk about the possibility of me facilitating my new workshops and courses there. As we spoke, the representative thought that my content was a little 'out there', that the workshops perhaps wouldn't speak to their current service users, and asked me to put together a brief that would allow the organisation to judge whether my workshops were right for them. While the meeting was a very positive experience, it was more importantly a learning experience and I am so appreciative of its valuable reminder.

As an intuitive therapist and alternative medicine advocate whose life has been dedicated to this personally for over 30 years and professionally for 20 years, I am used to my views and practices on holistic health being thought of as a little unusual. But after the meeting even I began to think, should I adapt my workshops and courses so that they would be more palatable for the majority of people? I realised at that moment that, if I were to change the content of my workshops, I would be compromising what my professional practice is all about. Flourish is welcoming to all but it doesn't appeal to everyone, and this is OK. Its intention is to connect with people who resonate with its purpose.

It can be tempting to compromise ourselves in order to appeal to others, especially if our approach to life is considered unconventional. But when you are coming from a place of loving intent, if others consider your ideas, beliefs or passions to be outwith 'the norm', honour yourself by trusting in what you instinctively feel is right for you, and you'll flourish.

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