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Please feel free to get in touch with any general questions you may have, using the form below. General enquiries can also be made through the chat function - please do leave your email details if I'm offline.
The Flourish App has all the website and booking information at your fingertips, including the contact information and the chat function.

One To One Appointments
There are many holistic services available at Flourish and these are designed to respond and adapt to your changing needs, ongoing healing and continued personal growth, fully supporting you in the process.
There is no one-size-fits-all at Flourish - each session is individually tailored to you - and you may be unsure how to take the first step and the best way forward for you. Pre-appointment telephone and Zoom consultations are available to book online below for prospective clients and clients looking to re-connect, providing a private and confidential time and space to discuss your needs and to help guide you to the best approaches and therapy for you. For new clients, these also offer the opportunity to explore a connection with Flourish and consider myself as the best practitioner for you, whether we feel we would like to move forward in the healing process. Both parties are free to say either yes or no to working together, without expectation or judgement.

If you are enquiring about the best holistic healing approaches for your own situation, these consultations provide an opportunity to discuss privately and confidentially. With the nature of Flourish services and the personal detail of your enquiry, it is not possible for me to advise you without an initial phone consultation appointment. These provide the time and space to fully honour and respect your enquiry and any information you may share. Often it is not possible to discuss enquiries outwith these dedicated consultation appointment times. These consultations are the only option for initial enquiries for specialised services including, recovery, trauma, PTSD, depression, anxiety, grief, loss and bereavement and long term/chronic conditions.