How do I book an appointment?
Your Initial Consultation can be booked online, via the free Flourish app, by email or by contacting either the Glasgow Osteopathic Centre on 0141 632 1266 or myself directly.  
Follow up appointments, treatment plans, events and workshops can also be booked online, via the free Flourish app, by email or by calling the Glasgow Osteopathic Centre on 0141 632 1266 or myself directlyShamanic Healing Ceremonies are not available to book online - please see the Shamanic Ceremonies page for more details.
Please see the terms page for full details on all bookings.
Is there anything I should do to prepare for my appointment?
It is useful to have a relaxing routine to prepare for your session. Taking a warm shower or bath, eating a light meal or snack around 1 hour beforehand. Wear comfortable, non restrictive clothing and, if possible, find some quiet time for yourself. Creating your own routine in preparation for your session is useful but not essential. Avoiding stimulants such as caffeine is also beneficial and it is preferable to avoid heavy meals or strenuous exercise before your session. It is important to refrain from alcohol on the day of your appointment.
What should I expect from my first session?

When you arrive for your initial visit, I will ask you to complete a consultation form which provides some background for your consultation. I am keen to find out more about you, what a typical day is like for you and to listen to you share your own experiences and so for the first 15 minutes of your initial 90 minute session, we talk about what is important to you and discuss what is the best course of treatment for your own individual needs. During the initial visit we discuss a treatment plan, specifically tailored for you.


Please let me know at the time of booking, either on the notes section when booking online or by phone or email, if you have any restrictions, limitations, adaptations or special requirements. It is important to me that I am able to provide the best possible environment for you during your session. All information is private and confidential.

How long are the sessions?
Your first visit lasts 1 hour 30 minutes and follow up sessions are usually 1 hour. Shamanic Healing sessions are between 1.5 - 2hrs.
For many clients 1 hour follow up sessions are sufficient; for others 1 hour 30 minute sessions are more appropriate. They are based on the best course of treatment for you and we discuss this during the process.
What happens during the session?
After our consultation, you will be asked to remove your shoes and I invite you to find a comfortable position on the treatment couch. Depending on the treatment you are receiving, you may be asked to remove some clothing. For example, holistic bodywork such as massage requires the removal of your clothing for the area(s) that we are working on but shamanic healing requires only the removal of your shoes. Your privacy and comfort is of the utmost importance and is always respected.
You may feel very relaxed or quite sleepy during the session, or have a sense of being asleep while having an awareness of your surroundings and this is common, especially during energy therapy. You may feel some unfamiliar but not unpleasant sensations and these are a natural part of the process. Some clients feel emotional during a session and this is a natural response to release. You are always fully supported throughout the session.
How will I feel afterwards?
Many clients experience positive changes after the initial visit, which is the first step of the healing process. Directly after their session, some clients feel energised, others quite tired. Sometimes you may feel energised when you leave but tired a short time afterwards, or vice versa. How you feel can vary from session to session, and can depend on the medicine, but it is very individual to you. You are encouraged to drink water and herbal teas, avoid strenuous exercise, nap if you need to and relax as much as possible following your session.
How many sessions will I need?
This is different for everyone but I recommend a minimum of 6 sessions initially; the number of sessions depends on how you are responding. As treatments are specifically tailored to you, you will have your own unique experiences and we review your progress as part of the process.
How often will I need to come?
This varies depending on your own needs and how you are responding.
My recommendation of weekly sessions for the first 6 treatments is followed by either weekly, fortnightly or monthly sessions. Recommendations are based on my professional assessment of how sessions are helping you move forward but it is important that you continue to have ownership of your own treatment.
Is there anything I can do between appointments?
Sessions are a two way process where you are an active participant in your own healing. A therapist cannot heal you, only you can do that - I am the facilitator, using my therapeutic skills, knowledge and expertise to guide, support and encourage you.
At each of your sessions, we discuss the best self-care approaches and simple techniques to use between appointments to support the therapy, empowering you and the process.
What if I have other questions?
Please feel free to contact me with any questions you may have. There is also the opportunity to chat with me online at certain times of the day, using the green chat box at the bottom of each page.
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As a new client, you may be unsure which treatment approach will be best suited to your own therapeutic needs. This first visit provides a person centred consultation fol...
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