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The Path Of Metamorphosis

The menopause is one of the most powerful transitions in a woman's life but sadly society is still a long way from giving this metamorphosis the respect and understanding it deserves; often this can also shape our own approach to such an important stage, an aspect I talk about in my blog posts and in my Discover The Dragoness: Harnessing The Power of Your Menopause workshop

At your first visit, we have the opportunity to discuss your own experiences, allowing me to tailor your session to your own individual needs and discussing a fully supportive plan for a positive way forward. Your first visit includes an initial consultation and therapy, whatever is required for you on the day. There are many approaches and we utilise these to their full potential so that you can reach yours. 

As we move forward and our work together deepens, we look at various healing modalities that are suitable for each session, as your support needs change just as you do. This may include bioenergetic work, bodywork therapies, the retrieval of your personal power and restorative soul healing, herbs and flower essences. Each session is dedicated to creating a safe space for supportive care, holistic wellness, spiritual connection and soulful, heart led work, welcoming the transition with inner strength, grace and self compassion. 

Ongoing Support
I strongly recommend ongoing sessions for support during pre, peri and menopause - this is a rite of passage and it takes time. From pre to post menopause can be up to 15 years and we each need a trusted companion for the journey. Having walked this path myself, I can tell you it is not easy. It is undoubtedly one of the most powerful transformations you will ever face, and will offer so much incredible wisdom, insights, healing and an appreciation for yourself like never before, but it is one of the most difficult and challenging times for a woman, and those she shares her life with. Anyone who tells you otherwise has either not experienced it or is not being fully transparent, for whatever reason they may have.

Prospective Clients and New Enquiries
Pre-appointment telephone and Zoom consultations are available to prospective clients, providing a private and confidential time and space to discuss your needs, help guide you to the best approach for you, offering the opportunity to explore a connection with Flourish and consider myself as the best practitioner for you. Phone consultations are available to book online below.

Mother ~ Maiden ~ Crone
We do not go through this huge change alone. We are children of the Great Mother and we are an embodiment of Her. We reflect the changing seasons - from the spring and summer to the autumn and winter of our lives - and the waxing, full and waning Moon. We are The Maiden, The Mother, The Crone but we move between these phases during the entirety of our lives. We need not be older in years to connect with the wisdom of The Crone, nor do we need to be at the beginning of our adulthood to connect with The Maiden. My own feeling of the menopause is that it is a powerful transformation that I call The Matriarch, a phase between Mother and Crone. We are integrating our life's wisdom but we are not quite the Cailleach yet! We call upon these energies, guides and teachers during our transformational work together.

Those we share our lives with are part of our experience too, and the changes the menopause brings can be both a shock and a revelation for our close family and friends, as well as ourselves, and the relationships we have with them. Often their concepts of who we are become challenged, as they are for us too and dynamics and relationships change. I provide support for your closest ones too - this is something we can discuss during an initial chat.

Recommended Reading
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