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Discover The Dragoness: Harness The Power Of Your Menopause

Stepping Into Your Spiritual Transformation


12 online workshop gatherings, 3 gatherings per season, turning with The Wheel Of The Year

Program Dates & Times

All online workshop gatherings are from 7pm - 9pm GMT, via Zoom

  • Summer 2023 Intake - Fires up on Bealtaine May 1st 2023, coming full circle April 2024 NO PLACES AVAILABLE 

Workshop Dates: 1st May, 5th June, 10th July, 7th August, 11th September, 9th October, 6th November, 4th December, 8th January 2024, 12th February 2024, 18th March 2024 

  • Autumn 2023 Intake - Lift off at Lughnasagh, July 31st, and we harvest from our full hearts in Autumn 2024

Workshop Dates: 31st July, 4th September, 2nd October, 13th November, 11th December, 15th January 2024, 19th February, 25th March, 22nd April, 20th May, 17th June, 8th July 2024

  • Winter 2023 Intake - Tearing down the veils at Samhain, October 30th, gently flying full circle through to Winter 2024

Workshop Dates: 30th October, 20th November, 18th December, 22nd January 2024, 26th February, 1st April (no fools here), 6th May, 3rd June, 15th July, 12th August, 9th September, 7th October

  • Spring 2024 Intake - Awakening with the Earth at the time of Imbolc, January 29th 2024, and growing in power and resilience through seasons to Spring 2025

Workshop Dates: 29th January 2024, 4th March, 8th April, 13th May, 10th June, 22nd July, 19th August, 16th September, 14th October, 11th November, 9th December, 6th January 2025

What you will explore and discover in this program, you will not find anywhere else; it is unique. Why? Because it is birthed from a wealth of experience of many different women's lives, of shamanic insights and psychic visions, of falling in the dark and standing in the light, a culmination of guiding women through this rite of passage, including my own.

It is an honouring of the lives and experiences of the hundreds of women I have worked with over 2 decades, and yours too if you are called to. It has been built from a body of intensive work in supporting women in all of their incarnations. From singing down the star souls for conception to cradling the crone before the eternal silent sleep falls, I have walked with women through many fires. And blazed my own too, just as you have.

Discover The Dragoness (7).png

The Dragoness 

A woman's life journey receives the piercing gaze from a Mistress Of Metamorphosis, Dragon, at the time of menopause, calling you to step into your next transformation. It is the time where there is nowhere to hide from the powerful energy of this guide of power and rebirth, and she is both gentle and fierce. To fully understand menopause - to fully know and understand the knowledge it brings, to birth the wisdom of The Hag from within yourself - you must explore the entirety of your life and your place in the world before this point. You see, before you can shed your skins, you must be aware of what they are. This is one of the many reasons why women must have empathetic, experienced, skilled and compassionate support from those who bear witness to this huge transition. But, and more importantly, from women who have experienced it themselves.


My own journey through pre, peri and post menopause took around 15 years and I can tell you that in post menopause it does not stop there. There are huge, beautiful and wonderous benefits that post menopause brings but, as with all things, there is an exchange. This is physical youth. This can be incredibly difficult to come to terms with in a society that prizes youth above experience. But I can tell you now, society NEEDS your Hag wisdom, it is crying out for it. Not only that, YOU need your Hag wisdom and it's time to step up to claim what is rightly yours.

This is an extensive and truly holistic approach, honouring this powerful and profound spiritual transformation. This program is not concerned with increasing awareness (we've all heard of the menopause, right?), hollow gestures, attempts/tips on how to retain youthfulness or pretend your joints don't hurt when you get out of bed or deny that you feel like you're losing your mind (by the way, you are but not in the way you may think. And it's OK because you need to find another way of mind that serves you better now).

This program is unconventional and rebellious; it is a journey of wildness and wisdom. There are aspects and insights that may challenge you. But, rest assured, you will find shining gems buried in those shadows.

On this journey our companions include humour and courage, warrior spirit and wytch wisdom, faith and trust, accompanying us for our deep dives into often unchartered waters of the menopause, those ignored and unaddressed by conventional methods. We explore various folk medicine, holistic approaches and shamanic techniques for spiritual awakening, learning simple, down to earth and practical exercises for self awareness, self healing and stepping into your own power, autonomy and sovereignty.


We will be working with the medicines of The Earth, The Plants, The Elements, The Ancestors, The Directions and The Spirit Guides and Teachers. And ofcourse, dear Dragon in her various manifestations. Gentle yet fiercely protective. Wise yet playful. Warrior yet nurturerYou will discover how to strengthen your voice, energy, confidence, presence and value in an increasingly youth-focused society.

During the program we will be:

  • Exploring the effects of societal and cultural perceptions of the menopause

  • Exploring common definitions of women’s roles and how they can adversely impact self care

  • Working with meditative practice to help heal the wounds inflicted by restrictive or damaging generational and societal definitions

  • Exploring the changing needs of the physical body, from nutrition to sleep

  • Walking with Spirit medicine for insight, realignment with the soul and clearing the path for a new perspective of personal power

  • Reconnecting with Dragon energy for restoring and strengthening self acceptance

  • Connecting with the Earth for spiritual and energetic sustenance and re-connecting with the ebb and flow of Nature cycles and our bodies

  • Exploring inherited beliefs on women's roles, bodies and cycles

  • Using naturally supportive approaches and holistic techniques for reducing stress, anxiety and fatigue and encouraging relaxation

  • Deep shamanic journey and healing techniques to support a self compassionate approach to menopause​, reclaiming and harnessing the personal power of your own incredible transformation

Program Outline

This program is for women who feel called by my approach. This is a multi faceted and truly holistic exploration and alternative understanding of menopause. There are aspects and insights that may challenge you. This program is not concerned with empty gestures or attempts to hold back age, far from it. Nor does it minimise menopause. Dragon is too powerful to fight and there is no defeating her, only integrating her. 

We turn with The Wheel Of The Year, and we work with the 4 seasons. The first program cycle fires up on Bealtaine May 1st 2023 (no places currently available) with the next intake for the program in Autumn and this begins at Lughnasagh, July 31st 2023 - registration is open (see form below). Winter intake begins at Samhain, 30th October, and Spring 2024 intake is at Imbolc, 29th January 2024.

Each season - 3 months - there are 3 x 2hr workshops, 1 workshop each month over the course of 12 months. We come full circle, when we are representative of the Ouroboros, the Dragon who assimilates all of her life experiences and is continually borne anew.

Dragoness Discovery Packs will wing their way to you at the beginning of each season for you to work with their beautiful, gentle supportive offerings throughout each month and season.

Dragoness Discovery Packs


These are different for each season and are specifically curated to align with the themes of each season, each Dragon and the energies of each Direction in The Wheel.

They contain:

- 3 vials of organic and shamanic Flower Spirit Essences, from WytchWood Medicine Garden & Apothecary, to support the journeys in each workshop. There is 1 vial of a different essence to work with for each month of that season.

- 1 vial of organic and shamanic Auric Mist, aligned with the themes, elements and spiritual workings of the season for energetic support

- 3 organic tea samples for grounding and slow tea ceremony. These are intended for you to sip during the online workshops.

Before the beginning of each season, your Dragoness Discovery Pack will be shipped and an email PDF containing all the information you need to work with these wonderful offerings.

The Dragons


Summer: Fire Dragon 

Themes include:

Personal Power

- Core Confidence

- The Fire Inside 

- Ragin' Against The Machine

- Costume Change

- The Trickster


Autumn 2023: Water Dragon

This season's themes include:

- The Warrior

- Heart Of The Matter

- The Seedless Gourd

- Tears & Fears

- Bladdered

- The Unwanted Inheritance

- It's Just A Gut Feeling 

- Mother & Moon

Discover The Dragoness (1).png

Winter 2023/24: Earth Dragon

This season's themes include:

- The Wise Wild Witch

- Slowing For The Sleep

- Sacred Sorrow

- The Intolerable

- Down To The Bone

- The Invisible Woman

- Feast & Famine

- Gestation


Spring 2024: Air Dragon

This season's themes include:

- Through The Eyes Of A Child

- Sowing Spiritual Seeds

- Birthing

- Brigid The Blacksmith

- Better Boundaries

- Phoning It In

- Everything Old Is New Again

- Reality Bites & The Ouroboros


Financial investment is only one type of investment for this program. It's an important one, ofcourse, but it isn't the only one. Other investments required are:

- Dedicated time for yourself

- Sacred, private and safe space

- Commitment to The Wheel Of The Year, the Dragoness Discovery Packs offerings and all 4 Dragons

Full Program Cost: £600

Payment Options

Payment in full: £550 (£50 reduction for full payment in advance). Payment by bank transfer only.

Deposit and increments:

£150 deposit in advance before 1st May 2023, then £150 by 21st July 2023, £150 by 20th October 2023 and £150 by 26th January 2024.

Deposit by bank transfer only and the remaining payments can be made by either bank transfer or credit/debit card securely online (PayPal, Stripe) on issue of invoice.


Attendance is for the full program. Seasons and individual workshops cannot be booked or attended separately.



There will be many subjects covered in this program, including conventional approaches, medication, emotional and mental health, nutrition and diet. It is experiential, gleaned from working with hundreds of women and my own personal experiences. The content of this program is not medical, nutritional, psychiatric/psychological/counselling advice or mental health support services. I am a Shamanic Healer & Teacher, Folk Herbalist and grower of organic and shamanic medicine, and not a medical professional, nutritionist or qualified clinical herbalist.


In this program we will be working with various plant and botanical extracts, including flower essences, herb tea and essential oils. Some of the preparations contain a very small amount of alcohol*. It is important that if you have an allergy or sensitivity to any of these to detail this in the registration form above. Please note that if you taking/prescribed any medication, please check with your GP, medical professional or a qualified herbalist before taking any herbal products. 

This program does not, nor do the products provided, claim to cure anything.

* Vegan. Gluten does not survive the process of distillation in the alcohol used but please note this is not a gluten free claim.  

Terms and Conditions

Deposit is non refundable and non transferable.

If you are unable to attend any of the workshops, the cost is non refundable and non transferable.

All content of the program is Copyright Andrea Doran, Flourish and and Intellectual Property (IP) of Andrea Doran, Flourish and is for personal use only. I am guardian of this program - the words, medicines, channellings and all of Discover The Dragoness - and no part of it can be reproduced, used, copied, etc without prior permission. Please see full details at terms and conditions. Thank you. 

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