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distance healing

Distance healing sessions are conducted remotely and are useful if you are unable to attend in-person appointments. Remote sessions are the choice for clients who are limited either by geography or physical, mental or emotional mobility restrictions or other limitations that prevent them from attending appointments in person.
What are the benefits of Distance Healing?
Many clients choose distance healing sessions as an essential part of their ongoing healing or treatment as remote sessions maintain the consistency of support and therapy during holiday travel, business trips, medical appointments and hospital stays. Distance healing sessions are my recommendation for vulnerable clients who are immune compromised and who may be placing their health at risk if they were to attend at my busy practices. 
How does Distance Healing work?
The effects of a healing session are in no way lessened by geographical distance. I have been practising remote viewing and facilitating distance healing for many years and both myself and my clients can tell you that it is often quite a profound experience where physical distance seems non-existent during the sessions and is in no way a  barrier to healing.  The astral worlds are often clear pathways to connect with both our energy bodies and the spiritual realms who heal and guide us. As a claircognizant and seeress I am shown what requires attention and what I must do to facilitate healing of the issues making themselves present at the time. Energetic and spiritual healing involves the connection and communion with vibrations, frequencies, light beings and guides and spiritual realms that are not of the physical plane but which are astral, quantum or shamanic in nature and are in line with more subtle vibratory levels. To find out more, please visit What Is Reiki?
How do I book Distance Healing sessions?
Distance healing sessions can be booked online or by phone, email or webchat. Please see the online booking options at the bottom of this page - for specific healing types, please visit ArchAngel Healing, Chakra Medicine, Psychic Body Scanning, Cord Cutting, Disentanglement and Distance Shamanic Healing Ceremonies.
If you are a new client who has not attended either in-person or remote sessions before, on receiving your booking I will forward a secure link to a confidential online consultation form for you to complete before your appointment. On receiving confirmation from you on the completion of your consultation form, I email you guidance on the preparations you can make for your own space.

What do I do at home during the appointment?

As with in-person appointments, a sacred space is created for your session in my healing and therapy room.  My preparations are the same as in-person appointments and begin around 30 - 45 minutes before my first scheduled appointment, just as they do at my practices. 

Your appointment times are dedicated to you - they are private and confidential, uninterrupted and the boundaries for the sessions remain the same. This means that distance healing sessions continue to reflect and support our mutually respectful professional relationship. In order for us to continue to strengthen this relationship, and your active engagement and autonomy of your own healing, I request that the space in which you are engaging in the distance session is a place where you will be uninterrupted, your phone is switched off and you approach the session as you would an in-person appointment. For remote appointments, your chosen space is also your therapy room.  On receiving your booking, I send you an email with guidance on the preparations you can make for your own space where you choose to receive the healing. This includes details on creating a healing space, setting your intentions and the process, timings, consultations and after care advice.

How do the sessions go?
The session will begin at the time of your appointment with a 10-15 minute consultation via Skype, videochat, telephone or webchat, If by webchat, the function can be accessed on this website (the green chat box at the bottom of any webpage) or via the Flourish app. After the consultation, the healing session itself begins which is approximately 60 minutes and which I conduct remotely from WytchWood, my home therapy room and dedicated healing space in East Kilbride, Scotland. Directly after the healing session there is a post healing Skype/phone/webchat consultation of around 15 minutes where we briefly discuss the healing session and I outline any intuitive guidance, messages and beneficial self care for you to do at home following the session and any recommendations for follow on sessions. 


For example, if your booking is for 7pm - 8.30pm, the initial Skype/phone/webchat consultation begins at 7pm, the healing session begins around 7.15pm and finishes at 8.15pm and the post session Skype/phone/webchat consultation from 8.15pm - 8.30pm.

Distance Healing Services

I offer a variety of remote sessions, some of which are specialised for specific healing techniques - please visit the links below for more details.

ArchAngel Healing

Psychic Body Scanning

Chakra Balance and Realignment

Cord Cutting


Distance Shamanic Healing Ceremonies. 


Important: Please visit terms and conditions before booking an appointment. By booking an appointment you are agreeing to the terms.

Online Booking

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