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Cord Cutting

Release and Restore

For healthy energetic boundaries   

Loving, empathetic and compassionate release of disruptive energetic attachments 

The world of our energy bodies, centres and meridians is a complex system of communication on lots of different levels. In every physical, mental and emotional connection and interaction we have with each other, there is also an energetic connection at play, where energetic 'cords' or 'threads' generated from our energy vortices (or chakras), create a flow of energy between us. When an interaction or connection is mutually respectful and loving, there is a balance of vibrant, energetic exchange between us and we feel good in the presence of the other person. When there is an imbalance in the exchange, there is a change in the power dynamic and it can feel that we are giving more than we want to, or that our energy is being drained from us.
There are many indications that etheric cords which are no longer beneficial to us may remain connected. These can include:
  • A feeling of being unable to move forward from a person or situation; difficulty or inability to stop thinking about a particular person or situation

  • Tendency to create internal dialogues, conversations or arguments with a specific person; revisiting past conversations, judgments or criticisms

  • Recurring and frequent memories and/or emotions with a particular person(s)

  • Damaging behaviours including 'watching' or 'tracking' a particular person - online, social media, etc

  • A sense of being unable to mentally or emotionally release from a relationship that you feel is damaging to you 

  • Difficulty sleeping, insomnia and anxiety; difficulty focusing without thoughts or feelings of a particular situation or person(s)

  • Repeated mental processing or analysis of a situation(s) 

  • Deep, recurring feelings of sadness, anger, depression and emotional fatigue of the past

  • Feelings of injustice and thoughts of exacting revenge

  • Emotionally fragile; regular outbursts of crying and weepiness

  • Refusing or avoiding social invitations; feelings of apathy or fear

My sessions include addressing the gentle cutting and removal of draining or disruptive cords attached to the Etheric (physical), Astral (emotional) and Causal (mental) bodies, releasing attachments in a loving, empathetic and compassionate way allowing you to positively move forward.
Often more than one session is required - the number of sessions is dependent on the nature and source of attachments and individual circumstances.
Sessions dedicated to addressing the gentle cutting and removal of draining or disruptive cords attached to the Etheric (physical), Astral (emotional) and Causal (mental)...
Cord Cutting
1 hr 30 min
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