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Mi., 25. Nov.


Online via Zoom

Plant Medicine: Ivy

In these online gatherings, we request the wisdom of the plant kingdom and discover how we can work with them to support us in our self healing. We explore their physical properties, traditional uses and, as we shamanic journey together, we ask for their guidance and spiritual teachings.

This circle is fully booked.
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Plant Medicine: Ivy
Plant Medicine: Ivy

Zeit & Ort

25. Nov. 2020, 19:00 – 20:30 GMT

Online via Zoom

Über die Veranstaltung

In these online gatherings, we request the wisdom of the plant kingdom and discover how we can work with them to support us in our self healing. We explore their physical properties, folklore, traditional and ritual uses and, as we shamanic journey together, we ask for their guidance and spiritual teachings.

In this get together, we welcome the spirit medicine of Ivy. Having a little plant or cutting of Ivy with you is lovely when attending but if you don't, please don't worry as it's not essential.

Plant Medicine events are every 2 weeks and at each one we work with a different member or aspect of the plant kingdom to connect, discover and honour their own individual medicine. The plant we will be working with may sometimes be in the title of the event and at other times we may be guided on the night!

How To Attend

You can secure your place by booking online. It is a closed online meeting where we (currently) connect through Zoom, an online webinar platform. You can participate either with or without video, on a laptop, smartphone, chromebook or tablet.

On securing your place, the online link and passcode for you to access the circle for the date you have booked will be in both the email that is sent with your ticket and in the reminder email sent before the event - each circle will have a different online link and passcode.

If you have a ceremonial rattle or drum or a plant, cutting or seeds of the plant for the circle, please feel free to bring these to the circle to use in our journeying. If not, please do not worry as I will drum and guide us for our journeying and, as we are connecting with the spirit medicine, a physical represenation of the plant does not need to be present with you. You do not need experience of shamanic journeying to join this circle.

Plant Medicine is held every 2 weeks - if you would like to secure your place for upcoming circles or regular participation, future dates are on the Plant Medicine Circle events page. You can also secure your place at future circles by booking several dates in advance here - each Zoom meeting link will be sent to you.

Late Arrival / Non-Attendance

The circle begins prompt at 7pm and will be a closed space at 7.10pm - arrivals after this time will be unable to join.

The fee is non refundable and non transferrable for late arrival and/or non-attendance. Please get in touch if you are unable to attend.

Creating Your Sacred Space

To prepare for the session, find a quiet place where you will not be disturbed and which feels comfortable and warm. You may wish to have a plant or flowers present in your space during the circle. Depending on the plant we are working with at each circle, it may also be useful to have a little of the plant or to source a picture of the plant to reference but this is not required to participate. 

It is often useful to have a pen and paper to hand to write down any experiences you may have during the shamanic journeying time of the webinar and a blanket handy for during or after the shamanic journeying.

After The Circle

Be sure to drink plenty of water afterwards. If you feel a little light headed, eating a light snack can help, as is resting if you need to.

Site Members & Booking via The Flourish App

If you are a site member, your details will automatically be completed on your booking when you sign in. Payment methods can also be stored in your account for easier checkout. If you would like to become a site member, you can request this via Log In at the top of each page, where you can sign up and log in with Facebook, Google and email. 

All events and appointments can be booked via the free Flourish app, which can be downloaded here. For iPhone and Android.


To ensure the space is safe, sacred, private and confidential for all participants, recording of the circle/meeting/webinar in any form is not permitted. Any experiences/information shared by participants during the circle is confidential within the circle and it is on this understanding when booking.

The circles are facilitated by myself, Andrea - I am the owner and practitioner at Flourish. I have worked with plants as medicine for over 20 years and am an alternative medicine specialist, shamanic healer, energy teacher and holistic & therapeutic horticulturist. I am not a professional forager nor a qualified medical herbalist and the content of the circles are not for medical use. Please consult appropriate professionals if you would like information on foraging and using plants for food and/or medicinal use. 

All healing modalities are not a diagnostic therapy, cannot claim to treat any condition and are no replacement for medical care. If you are ill or in pain, please consult your GP or medical professional in the first instance. Please do not disregard any medical advice.

The content of the circle is for personal use only and not for professional use or reproduction. All material and content is copyright and IP of Flourish - for full details.

On booking, you are agreeing with the terms and conditions.


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