plant medicine

*The Plant Medicine classes are taking a short break but will return soon!*


In these (currently online) gatherings, we request the wisdom of the plant kingdom and discover how we can work with them to support us in our self healing. We explore on their physical properties, traditional and ritual uses and their spirit medicine, asking for their guidance and spiritual teachings, unique to us as individuals within the gathering.

The circle is 1hr long every 2 weeks (there may be some holiday times and other occasions when it is not scheduled) and at each gathering we work with a different member or aspect of the plant kingdom to connect, discover and honour their own individual medicine. The plant we will be working with may sometimes be in the title of the event and at other times we may be guided on the night!

The circle is from 7 - 8pm every fortnight and the cost is £10 per person per class. Please see full details - including how to book, preparations and connecting via Zoom - on the event listings below.

Joining The Gathering

You can secure your place by booking online. The gathering is a closed online meeting where we (currently) connect through Zoom, an online webinar platform. You can participate either with or without video, on a laptop, smartphone, chromebook or tablet.

On securing your place, the online link and passcode for you to access the circle for the date you have booked will be in your email confirmation and in the reminder email sent before the event - each circle will have a different online link and passcode.


If you have a ceremonial rattle or drum, please feel free to bring this to the gathering - on some occasions we may be shamanic journeying. If not, please do not worry as I will drum and guide us for our journeying. You do not need experience of plants, gardening, rituals or shamanic journeying to join.

Please visit the event link below for full event details.

  • Radiating Rays - Group Healing Oct 2021 (FOC)
    Radiating Rays - Group Healing Oct 2021 (FOC)
    Your own sacred space
    06 Oct, 19:30 – 20:00 BST
    Your own sacred space
    Add your name as a recipient in Flourish's remote healing session, free of charge. Your details are private and confidential. Please see event for participation details and suggestions on your preparations for the session.

Booking Ahead

If you would like to participate regularly and secure your place for each upcoming circle, future dates can be booked in advance below. Each Zoom meeting link will be sent to you before each circle.