'I had started an IVF journey, the first round of which had been unsuccessful. I chatted with a good friend who had had similar fertility issues as myself in the past and had a great experience with Reflexology sessions. She was lucky enough to conceive naturally and was convinced the Reflexology had a positive impact.

At that point I had already explored Acupuncture, having 3 sessions, but decided it wasn’t for me so I was open to trying Reflexology and also interested in Reiki. I had not experienced either before so it was brand new therapies I was trying. I was hopeful that the sessions would help in 2 ways: with the actual fertility aspect and supporting me to have a successful outcome with the IVF, and also support with mental well being in order to stay positive and relaxed through what I knew from experience was a tough and emotional journey.​

From the first session I felt extremely at ease with Andrea and felt very quickly that she was someone I could be honest with about what was going on physically and mentally. This is really important to me as, in my previous professional life as business coach, I know that connection is vital in order for both parties to get anything from the sessions. The trust is also important and in this case I trust Andrea implicitly so when she suggests a change of tact in sessions i.e. Reiki or Reflexology or even Crystal Therapy then I’m more than comfortable with taking her advice. The consult before and after therapy is just as important as the therapy itself and I have never felt rushed during the sessions.

I believe the range of sessions have helped me immensely, predominantly in remaining relaxed and simply helping me deal with and navigate what has become a really challenging IVF journey for a whole host of reasons. 


Regardless of the IVF outcome the sessions have become a key part of my life and are definitely part of my self care program. I am a pretty resilient person and the sessions have supported this but they also provide me with a safe space to be vulnerable and be open about that.'

Dedicated Support For Your Own Fertility Journey

For assisted and unassisted fertility Cycle regulation Encourage hormonal self regulation Treatment Plan for your own fertility journey
Fertility | First Visit
1 hr 30 min

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