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the school of HEAL

Open the doors to becoming your own therapist, learning techniques to support your holistic wellbeing, personal empowerment and spiritual development. 




About The School Of HEAL (Holistic and Esoteric Advancement and Learning)

One of the many joys of my work is to share the knowledge and experience I have gained over my 30 years of living and working in holistic healing and natural medicine with like-minded others.

The aim of the School of HEAL is for you to learn techniques and approaches that will allow you to become your own therapist, responding to your own needs, supporting your personal well-being, developing your intuition and exploring your spirituality and development.

As a Reiki Master and Teacher, I have been training students and therapists in the art of Reiki for over 15 years, and my unique Reiki courses are only some of the many training programs and workshops at the Flourish School of HEAL. From shamanic plant medicine, chakra development and psychic protection to stress management, CPD courses for professionals and alternative approaches to menopause, there is something for everyone. These take place at a variety of venues around Scotland and many are available online for both local and international attendees. 

As an Adult Teacher and former Lecturer in Horticulture, I spent many years working with community projects and further education. When we connect with a subject that speaks to us then learning becomes second nature - we gain skills and knowledge without even being aware of it. No matter where you think you are in your skills set, you know more than you think you do. It is my job to support, develop and encourage your own unique skills and gifts.

'I believe I found some special hands of healing through Andrea. During the course I would ask questions...and the sensations I was experiencing. She would listen to my questions and take the time needed to explain things to me  – I never felt rushed when I was talking with her. Through her tutelage and disposition I felt welcomed and easily able to open up.  

As a knowledgeable and compassionate teacher, she created an environment for me where I felt comfortable to ask questions and to share my thoughts – some of which were really personal..'

Caroline, Student 

Read Caroline's story here

pollok house door.jpg

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