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Caroline's Story

'After a couple of years of intermittently toying with the idea, I eventually managed to sign myself up for a Reiki Level I class. In the past, something has always got in the way whether that be my own personal circumstances or that of the teacher. However, things happen for a reason and that is when Flourish popped in to my life. Serendipity is something I believe in. I was actually in the middle of thinking about a looking for a Reiki course when details of the course popped up in my Twitter timeline.

I believe I found some special hands of healing through Andrea. During the course I would ask questions about Reiki and the sensations I was experiencing. She would listen to my questions and take the time needed to explain things to me  – I never felt rushed when I was talking with her. Through her tutelage and disposition I felt welcomed and easily able to open up.  As a knowledgeable and compassionate teacher, she created an environment for me where I felt comfortable to ask questions and to share my thoughts – some of which were really personal.


As well as practicing the techniques, I have been trying to take that Reiki learning and principles and apply it to my day-to-day life. I’m by no way an expert but have found the continued support – especially through this early part of my journey – very comforting. For me if you open up your mind to its extraordinary touch, even if you don’t totally understand its purpose, it will help you learn, heal and grow. Reiki will be different for everyone but I am so glad my Reiki journey started with Andrea.'

For more information on learning and developing Reiki, please visit Reiki Training Courses

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