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Channelled Messages & Scribings

As human beings, we are a bridge between worlds, the physical and the spiritual. We all have the capacity to communicate with different realms but often we lose touch with this. As a Psychic Shamanka, I am a scribe - go between or medium - for messages to share that are relevant or important to our times and these are written either as blog posts or shared in my newsletters and sometimes as video scribings or artworks.

It is so important to be able to communicate these in a language and way that can be understood by everyone so it's important that these messages are clear and down to earth. Sometimes they can be blunt or a little controversial but there are no lofty musings here!

Tarot Message

A playing card blew into my garden during a storm in February 2020 and refused to leave until I read its message - you can listen to my tarot reading of it here. It foretold the poverty - of many things - that was to come from the lockdowns and isolation we did not realise that extent of at the time. But it also offered a message for choices for the future.

Blog Posts, Videos & Newsletter

Blog posts are freely accessible to all and you can subscribe to the newsletter at the link at the bottom of the page.

Free To Steam

Sometimes I record the messages in audio and offer these in the Free To Stream section of the online shop.

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