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All meditations and downloads are for personal use only and are Copyright © Flourish. Please see full terms for more information on copyright, IP and distribution.

Please visit the full Terms and Conditions page for information before booking. Intuitive Services and Products including Dowsing for Wellness, Stone Casting, Tarot and Cartomancy are not offered to be followed as a particular course of action, or an attempt to exert any form of influence over your free will and common sense; they are presented for leisure, amusement or entertainment purposes only not as medical advice. They are intuitive services and are not medical tests. Flourish services do not claim to diagnose any medical condition and Flourish do not give professional medical advice. Any decisions or actions taken by you as a result of Flourish Intuitive Services, and all of Flourish services, is your sole responsibility. It is only with the complete understanding and acceptance of this that these services can be provided.

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