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Reiki works on the principle that life force energy, ‘ki’ or ‘chi’, flows through our body via energy channels and vortices, also known as chakras. For more information on Reiki, please visit What Is Reiki? for details on its history and uses. Reiki is a wonderful therapy which has many applications for holistic health and wellbeing including stress management and encouraging relaxation and mindfulness. 
Emotional Healing
Reiki is incredibly supportive emotionally, encouraging a greater awareness and understanding of ourselves, and developing self compassion, acceptance and forgiveness. It is the initial healing therapy I recommend for the first steps into healing grief, suffering and loss.

Radiating Reiki - Remote Healing
Radiating Reiki are sessions conducted remotely and are useful if you are unable to attend in person sessions, for clients limited either by geographical location or by physical, mental or emotional mobility restrictions. Its effects are in no way lessened by distance; often remote sessions can be energetically intensive. Please visit Remote Reiki for more details and online booking.

Reiki For Animals

Animal Reiki uses specialised techniques specific for treating animals - for more information, please visit Reiki For Animals.

Answering The Call To Learn Reiki

For over 15 years, I have had the honour and privilege of teach Reiki Training courses to students in Glasgow; Usui Level 1 (First Degree) - Introductory and Usui Level 2 (Second Degree) - Practitioner. Please visit The School Of HEAL for details of upcoming courses and dates.


Reiki sessions at the Glasgow South practice can be booked online below. For appointments for the South Lanarkshire practice, please book here.

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