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Due to the Coronavirus situation, it has now become a standard part of in-person appointments to complete a declaration. If you have booked online, you will have received a link in your booking confirmation and in your appointment reminder email directing you to this form to complete prior to attending. Submissions are valid up to 24 hours prior to your appointment.
It is important to understand the terms in regard to this - these are outlined below. By completing and signing this form, you understand the following:

I acknowledge the nature given of the Coronavirus/COVID. I further acknowledge that Flourish has put in place as many preventative measures as is possible to reduce the spread. I further acknowledge that Flourish cannot guarantee that I will not become infected with the Coronavirus/COVID or any other virus, infection or similar. I understand that the risk of becoming exposed to and/or infected may result from the actions and/or omissions of myself and others not associated with Flourish or its services.

I voluntarily seek the services provided by Flourish and acknowledge that I may be increasing my risk to exposure Coronavirus/COVID. I acknowledge that I have read the Flourish guidelines as outlined in communications and on the Flourish website before attending any appointment and am happy to comply with all set procedures while attending my appointment.


I attest that:

  • I am not currently experiencing any symptoms of illness such as cough, shortness of breath or difficulty breathing, fever, chills, repeated shaking with chills, muscle pain, headache, sore throat, or new loss of taste or smell.*

  • I have not travelled to, and returned from, a highly impacted area within the last 14 days*.

  • I do not believe I have been exposed to someone with a suspected and/or confirmed case of the Coronavirus/COVID*.

  • I have not tested positive or been diagnosed with Coronavirus/COVID.*

  • I am following all recommended guidelines as much as possible.

*If you have/are experiencing COVID symptoms or have received a +ve test, please indicate below.

Thanks for submitting!

An audio described version of this form is available on request.


Coronavirus and Flourish Services

Update: 23rd March 2021

As per Scottish Government guidelines, close contact services can resume from 26th April 2021. I look forward to my in-person sessions at my South Lanarkshire practice resuming on Thursday 29th April and at the Glasgow Osteopathic Centre on Saturday 1st May. Please do read the information below in regard to procedures when attending appointments.

If you are booking your first appointment online, you will have been sent a link in your booking confirmation email and in the appointment reminder email directing you to this page. Please complete the form above before attending your appointment. This form will be emailed to me and so please do not worry about printing it off, as there is no need to bring it with you.

Returning To In-Person Support

If you have not attended regular distance support or healing sessions with myself during lockdown, when returning to in-person appointments your first and second appointments will be 90 minutes each - this applies to all types of therapy and treatment (excluding shamanic healing). 60 minute appointments are only available for your first and second in-person appointments if you have received regular distance support with myself in the past few months. There are important therapeutic considerations and reasons for this - please do get in touch if you have any questions or queries.

30 minute in-person appointments will no longer be available however 30 minute sessions are still available for online holistic counsel and support.


There are some differences in attending at the centre and attending at my home practice in South Lanarkshire. The centre is its own business separate from Flourish, with Flourish renting a space within the business premises. This means that the requirements in attending at the centre may be different from the South Lanarkshire practice - please see below in the July 2020 update for full details. You will be required to bring some things with you - including a towel and a blanket - as everything used within the premises is disposable. The number of people present at the centre at any one time has been minimised as much as possible, however there are clients attending with an osteopath during Flourish appointment times and the number of people attending at the centre on any given day is greater due to this. Times are staggered to minimise the chance of more than one client being present in the reception area at any one time, but this is not impossible. For clients who prefer a more clinical environment, the centre is the best option to book.

At the South Lanarkshire practice, there will be myself to greet you at the door and there is no risk of contact with another person. There is a maximum of eight in-person appointments a week so there is no 'people traffic' at this location. Flourish's approach does not encourage a 'production line' of clients and this may be one of the reasons why you may be asked to add your name to a waiting list for an appointment as a new client or one who attends less regularly.

There is a greater length of time between appointments for cleaning and preparations and disposable paper covering is used on the treatment couch. This is the main disposable item used - occasionally there may be a need to use protective gloves but this is very rare. Flourish is committed to recycling and minimising environmental impact so as many materials and items are cleaned or recycled, or repurposed and reused as much as possible. All materials are laundered at a suitable temperature and the treatment room fully aired between appointments. There is nothing additional for you to bring to your appointment, you need only bring yourself.


Update: January 2021

The newest restrictions in Scotland means that in person sessions are unavailable until current restrictions are lifted. This is being reviewed by the Scottish Government at the end of January.

Online support and remote healing are the only options available for both one to one and group events. Land, home and space clearing will also be conducted remotely.


Update: Friday 11th September 2020

The newest restrictions issued from the Scottish Government affect residents in Glasgow City, East Renfrewshire, Renfrewshire, East Dunbartonshire, West Dunbartonshire, North Lanarkshire and South Lanarkshire.  Appointments will continue as normal at my practice at the Glasgow Osteopathic Centre, and the update that is relevant for appointments at my home based practice in East Kilbride is:

'Work and services carried out in private homes: Professionals who offer services from their own home can continue to carry out their work with appropriate safety measures in place.'

This means that the recent updates will not affect in person appointments at either location. Precautionary/safety measures will remain in place - please see the information below for more details.

Update: Wednesday 22nd July 2020

Following the latest guidance from the Scottish Government on close contact services, this update outlines how this will affect my services. I hope to make the changes as clear and as simple as possible so that you are fully aware of what to expect at your appointments.

In-person appointments will return to my home based practice from Thursday 30th July and from Saturday 1st August at my practice based at the Glasgow Osteopathic Centre. The information below applies only to these locations and not to appointments for my animal therapy practice at Herbal Vet Scotland. I will update on appointments there soon.

I detailed in a previous update that, since 17th March, I personally have only been taking trips for essentials, and this still continues. I am not in a vulnerable group but I made this decision, and the decision to stop all in-person appointments on this date, and this was around a week before the official lockdown date for businesses. This was to ensure any exposure risk would be as low as possible for myself and my clients for when in-person appointments resumed, so the precautions outlined below are to ensure this continues.

Contact and Enquiries

Due to time constraints from increased administration, procedures and measures, I'll be unable to respond as quickly or as thoroughly as I would normally to enquiries, emails, phone calls, texts and messages. I appreciate your patience and understanding in this.

If you are an existing client and would like to get in touch, it would be helpful if you could contact me - if possible - through the message/chat function on the Flourish app. It's free to download for iPhone and Android. There is also a chat function on both the desktop and mobile website versions - it's at the bottom right hand corner. If you are a site member, your details will be available for me to view and this makes it a little easier to respond quickly and effectively. Please do consider joining - it's free, quick, easy, confidential and secure.

If you are a prospective client and have some general questions about Flourish, you may find the FAQs, Personal Investment and Ethos sections helpful.  There is also a telephone consultation appointment and a Skype/Zoom consultation available to book online.

Things will be a little different for a while but I hope this update will answer any questions you may have. While some things have changed, the objectives and intentions behind the therapy will always be the same, to support you as fully as possible.

Returning To In-Person Support

If you have not attended regular distance support or healing sessions with myself during lockdown, when returning to in-person appointments your first and second appointments will be 90 minutes each - this applies to all types of therapy and treatment (excluding shamanic healing). 60 minute appointments are only available for your first and second in-person appointments if you have received regular distance support with myself in the past few months. There are important therapeutic considerations and reasons for this - please do get in touch if you have any questions or queries.

30 minute in-person appointments will no longer be available however 30 minute sessions are still available for online holistic counsel and support.

Booking Your Appointments

In line with government close contact guidelines, therapies involving contact with or near the face are not currently available. This includes Holistic Facial and Scalp Massage and Dien Chan Acupressure. Therapies and treatments that involve closeness to the head and face - including Reiki and Crystal Medicine - will be adapted accordingly.

Online booking for in-person appointments is suspended in the short term. This is to ensure there is sufficient time between appointments to avoid any possibility of contact with other clients and for sufficient cleaning time between appointments. I am currently unable to fully disable this function on the website and the app - if you have booked online for in-person appointments, I'll be in touch soon. Remote /distance sessions can still be be booked online but to book in-person appointments, please contact myself or the centre directly..

I recommend booking your appointments in advance as it may be difficult to secure a suitable day and time otherwise. If you attend weekly or fortnightly, I recommend booking at least your next 4 appointments in advance. If you attend monthly, I recommend booking your next 2 appointments in advance.  These recommendations also apply to clients who receive distance support.

For clients who attend support plans - fertility, maternity, menopause, anxiety, bereavement and trauma support - your appointments for the duration of the plan will be secured at the beginning, before your first session.


Existing clients will be given appointment priority and I will do everything I can to ensure you don't have to wait too long for a suitable appointment time. For prospective new clients, there may be times where there is a waiting list and I appreciate your patience - I will endeavour to secure a suitable appointment time for you as soon as is available. In the meantime, you may find it useful to book a 15 minute telephone consultation or an online consultation.

Preparing for your appointments

Please see FAQs for more information on preparing for appointments. There are some additional things to bring with you and these are a little further down.

If you have specific areas you wish to discuss and address during your appointments, it is helpful to write these down to bring with you. This way you are able to receive as much benefit as possible from your appointments, where we can focus on what we feel are the priorities at the time and prepare a treatment plan.

Arriving for your appointments

Please arrive for your appointment at the allotted time as there is no opportunity to be seated in a waiting area for any time prior to your appointment time. There is no waiting area at my home practice and the waiting area within the centre will not be seating any more than one person at a time, at a social distance from the receptionist. This is to reduce contact and to maintain distance. When attending at either practice, please wear a face mask before entering and within the premises. Both myself and the receptionist at the centre will also be wearing face masks.

Social distance will be observed as much as possible during pre- and post treatment consultation. Currently the guidelines are not concrete in regard to wearing gloves during treatment. This is something we will discuss and assess during your consultation.

At my home practice I, or the receptionist if you are attending at the centre, will ask you some general questions including whether you have a persistent cough, raised temperature, any loss of smell and taste and whether you have been in contact with anyone who has contracted the virus or worked with anyone who is supporting people with the virus. At the centre, your temperature may be taken and documented, as per the guidelines - this is done by gently inserting a thermometer into your outer ear. If your temperature is outwith recommended guidelines, we will unfortunately be unable to go ahead with the appointment.

Sessions will be kept to within the allocated appointment time. This is actually more of a strict guideline for myself! Regular clients will be familiar with my tendency to go over time a little when I feel it is needed but this will not be possible.


Prices remain unchanged. Please visit Personal Investment for more information.



Currently, payment in advance is requested only for First Visit/Initial Appointments for new clients and for distance sessions. For some appointments, however, payment may be requested in advance to secure the appointment times.

Accepted payment methods are as standard - you can find out more information here. Cash, debit and credit card, bank transfer and PayPal are all accepted methods of payment at both my home practice and the centre.

The terminal used for card payments, where you are required to enter your PIN, is cleaned after every transaction.

In addition to the above, there are procedures that are specific to each practice.

East Kilbride

At my home based practice, there is a maximum number of appointments per day, 

After each appointment, the towels, blankets and couch cover are removed for laundry, the paper couch roll discarded and the treatment couch surface cleaned and disinfected. Fresh paper roll and freshly laundered couch cover, towels and blankets are used for each appointment - this restricts how many appointments can be taken each day. The room is regularly well ventilated and a natural anti-viral room spray used to cleanse the room between appointments.

The bathroom facilities are available to use. Pump dispensed anti-viral liquid soap and 80% alcohol hand sanitiser are available.  I politely ask that you place the hand towel in the laundry basket available in the bathroom after use. This is also laundered after single use.

As always, a box of tissues and a covered decanter of fresh water will be available for you throughout your appointments. If you feel more comfortable, please feel free to bring your own tissues and a bottle of water.

Glasgow Osteopathic Centre

All visits to the centre are by appointment only and there is no drop in service to enquire or to book.

There are no more than two practitioners attending at the centre at one time and client appointments are staggered to ensure there is no risk of clients or practitioners being in the reception area at the same time. This means that your preferred appointment time may sometimes be adjusted or changed slightly to ensure it does not conflict with this.

Currently there are inadequate laundry facilities onsite to fully serve the needs of the centre during the current situation. This means that clients are requested to make some provisions when attending appointments for my practice at the centre.

For all appointments at the centre, please bring with you a mask, a clean blanket and a bottle of water.

  • For Massage and Reflexology appointments, please also bring 2 clean bath towels/sheets with you.

  • For Fertility Support Plan appointments, please also bring 2 clean bath towels/sheets with you.

When taking these home with you, they should be washed at 60 degrees.

At the moment, I am unsure whether the bathroom facilities are available to use. Until I can clarify this, please feel to contact the centre directly.

I look forward to resuming in-person sessions and to seeing you soon!

Be well,




Update: Wednesday 8th July 2020

Following last Thursday's review by the Scottish Government on their phasing plan, this update is on how this will affect my services.


Remote sessions will continue to be the only services available for the time being. Support programs, Reiki training courses and workshops also remain on hold.


Many of you have been in touch to enquire as to when we can resume in-person appointments and I understand how frustrating it is that nothing has changed in this regard. Being unable to support you with the full extent of my services is continuing to be frustrating for me also, especially as both remote sessions and the enquiries I receive are highlighting how this is affecting many people. As many of you know, much of my work is specialising in trauma and just how deeply this affects us and aspects of our lives, and there will be much to address and heal from this experience.


With the current guidelines, some therapists feel able to return to appointments using PPE - including gloves, aprons, masks, visors - and disinfectants. However, I feel PPE is not suitable for my services for many reasons. As we ease out of lockdown, there are no clear and specific guidelines for my line of work and so it is becoming increasingly difficult to balance the therapeutic needs of clients with safety measures for personal and public health while trying to sustain Flourish.


Since 17th March, I have personally been distancing to almost shielding level, only taking trips for shopping and essentials. This has been a conscious decision for when in-person appointments resume, to ensure any exposure risk is as low as possible for myself and my clients. Some of my clients attend for support for chronic and long term conditions, and some with life limiting or terminal diagnoses. Others are supported in their journey in trying to conceive, during pregnancy and in post natal support and these often bring their own important vulnerabilities too.

With this in mind, there will be some provisos when in-person appointments do finally resume - this may be around the end of August but it is difficult to say at the moment. These measures are not intended to exclude anyone as Flourish is welcome to all - they are intended to take into consideration the health and well-being of myself and my clients by ensuring as much as possible that in-person clients have also taken adequate protective measures, and I'll outline these a little nearer the time.


If you have any questions about anything in this update or how this may affect you, please do get in touch. For information on remote sessions, please visit Distance Healing on the menu.

Be well,


Update: Monday 23rd March 2020

On Tuesday 17th March I cancelled all in-person appointments at my practice at the Glasgow Osteopathic Centre, with the intention of reviewing this in 2 weeks time but naturally with the ongoing health concerns , in-person appointments will not resume at the centre for many weeks. The centre has over 100 individual patients attending with 5 practitioners, including myself, each week. I am relieved to note that, as of today, the Centre itself has now temporary closed for the foreseeable future.

In-person appointments will also not be available at my East Kilbride practice for many weeks. This practice is at my home, where my family and I are distancing and isolating. Many of my clients are vulnerable - in many different ways - or have family, friends, loved ones and partners depending on them. An incredibly privileged part of my work is to bear witness to the stories and experiences of my clients, and the people who are important to them in their lives, and sometimes loved ones who have passed are also spiritually present during sessions. My work is sacred - I am a healer and I would never endanger my clients or their families.


During this time I will be continuing to develop and tend my medicine gardens, growing organic herbs, fruits, vegetables and flowers to use in my practice, something which has been part of my own therapy for many years with my involvement in therapeutic horticulture, allotments and communal growing spaces.

My remote healing sessions and Skype consultations have been an integral part in providing support and healing to clients who are geographically unable to attend in-person or experience physical, mental or emotional mobility restrictions or other limitations which prevent attendance. I will continue to offer these services and if you feel this is something that you feel is beneficial in ensuring continuity of therapy, counsel and support you can find out more about how these sessions are conducted, and the range of services available, here.

Tuesday 17th March 2020

In light of The Scottish Government's new recommended guidelines issued last night to reduce the spread of Coronavirus, it is important for me to outline how these changes will affect your appointments and Flourish services in the short term.


Professor Jason Leitch, Scotland's National Clinical Director, has summarised what the latest guidelines are and there are fundamentally four groups of people, with different advice for each:

  1. Those people with symptoms - a new persistent cough or a fever - your whole household has to stay at home for 14 days. If you live alone it is 7 days

  2. People at very high risk - undergoing chemotherapy, dialysis, etc - will be contacted directly by the NHS

  3. For people over 70, pregnant women, those with compromised immune systems and people who attend for the flu vaccine. serious measures to reduce social contact are strongly recommended.  The advice is to not go to work, not to travel on public transport and not to attend group gatherings

  4. The advice for everyone else is to limit social contact as much as you can. You can still work but the Scottish Government are asking as many people as possible to work from home. Don't use public transport unless you have to. Don't meet in big groups or socially in small groups in pubs, restaurants etc. Avoid situations where you will be amongst groups of people unless it is absolutely essential e.g. for food and pharmacy supplies. According to Professor Leitch, 'The virus seems to give us more danger in the smaller groups. That does not mean you cannot visit your mum and dad. You can as long as you are symptom free.'

How Will This Affect Appointments?


1. Glasgow Osteopathic Centre practice, Battlefield, Glasgow

I have spoken with the Glasgow Osteopathic Centre this morning, who are in the process of outlining what their response will be for the coming weeks. I feel that with the number of patients who attend the centre, it is important to ensure the exposure risks to my own clients are minimal. With this in mind, my Saturday practice at the Centre will not be available, initially for the next 2 weeks.


2.  WytchWood practice, East Kilbride

As per the Government guidelines, I have personally begun to reduce my social contact and am self isolating as much as possible as a precautionary measure due to the intimate nature of my work. As the WytchWood practice is based at my home, all in-person bodywork appointments booked will be cancelled and all currently booked energetic, spiritual and shamanic healing sessions will be conducted remotely - please see the information below. This will initially be for the next 2 weeks.


In line with the Scottish Government Clinical Director's guidelines, the changes to my appointments at both my practices are:

  • Bodywork sessions - including Massage, Reflexology, Acupressure, Dien Chan - will be cancelled. This will initially be for the next 2 weeks, at which point I'll review on how to proceed in line with the ongoing, updated recommended guidelines. Rescheduling will not be possible at the moment until after the initial 2 week period and the newly issued guidelines at that time.

  • All Reiki courses, workshops and group events will be cancelled for the next 2 weeks and will be rescheduled to suitable dates after this period. Some of the content for my Reiki training courses can be conducted via Skype. If you have booked a Reiki Training course, including the Professional Practitioner Program, I will contact students directly with more information.

  • Existing appointments for all in-person Energy Therapy, Spiritual and Shamanic Healing sessions including Reiki, Chakra and Auric Medicine, ArchAngel Healing, Quantum Entanglement, Disentanglement, Cord Cutting and all Shamanic Healing Ceremonies  - including Power Retrieval, Soul Retrieval, Karmic Healing, Ancestral Healing and Extraction - will now be conducted as remote (distance) appointments. Please visit the following links for more information on distance healing - Remote Reiki, Auric and Chakra Medicine, Shamanic Healing Ceremonies, Disentanglement, Archangel Healing, Cord Cutting. There is consultation time before and after the healing, just as with in-person appointments, and these are conducted via Skype. Before your first remote session, I email recommendations on how to prepare your own space for the session. With the nature of energetic, spiritual and shamanic healing sessions, distance healing is effective and can often be a little more intensively insightful, for both you and myself. For this reason I will be conducting no more than 3 distance healing sessions a day on the 4 days a week that I take appointments - Wednesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday. I will get in touch with individual clients about existing appointments. Please accept my apologies if there is a short term difficulty finding a mutually agreeable time for your sessions as I am also honouring existing distance healing bookings.

  • All in-person appointments for Support and Supervision, Life Coaching, Mentoring and Empowerment sessions booked for the next 2 weeks will be conducted via Skype and I will contact individual clients with the arrangements.

  • All existing bookings for distance healing sessions and Skype counsel and support sessions will continue to be honoured.


For details on bookings, cancellation and rescheduling of appointments, please visit the terms page for more information. I respectfully request a minimum 24 hours notice of cancellation of appointments.


What You Can Do To Ensure Continued Support


  1. Continue with your ongoing treatments, support plans, healing sessions and holistic counsel via Skype and remote/distance appointments

  2. Stay in touch - I am available via online chat function, phone and email (see below for details)

  3. Visit the Flourish blog for information on how to support yourself at home - these include:


Over the next 2 weeks, I will be available to contact online between appointments, at various points during the day, via the online chat function on my website and the chat function on my app to answer any questions you may have. My contact number is 07840180743.


I will update again in 2 weeks time so if you'd like to keep up to date, please subscribe to the newsletter (there is a link at the bottom of each webpage), keep an eye out for emails or visit my Flourish social media accounts - Facebook - Twitter - Instagram - YouTube


Stay safe and be well!


Kind wishes,


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