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Blessingway (Mother's Blessing)
The Blessingway is a Goddess led ceremony in circle celebrating the expectant mother and offering blessings to both the mother and baby. For women who wish to celebrate their upcoming motherhood, the Blessingway is a spiritual and shamanic gathering that many women arrange either as an addition, or as an alternative, to a baby shower.  These can be conducted one to one, in a circle gathering or both.  
The Blessingway is a truly beautiful ceremony, invoking the Goddess energy, the love and warmth of the Divine, the spirit of creation, and the expectant mother's own divine Goddess within and that of her circle to guide and support her in a new journey, lighting the way for her own birth into a new incarnation.
One of my sacred practices during ceremonies involves my commitment to ongoing support by spiritually binding the mother and myself until her baby is born, an etheric cord of dedication and a declaration of my commitment, physically symbolised in my wearing a cotton cord on my wrist until her baby is released from the cord that connects them to her. You can read more about this in The Ties That Bind below.
This is a process of depth and purity of intent, contacting and working with the spirit realms for guidance and support and should only ever be conducted by a fully trained and highly experienced shamanic practitioner.
Blessingways are conducted in the last trimester and are as individual as each expectant mother - they can be anything from one to one ceremonies or a full morning or afternoon in circle, and can be conducted at my WytchWood practice, where you enter through the Goddess Garden, or at your own home*.
Fees begin at £255 for the Blessingway ceremony and ongoing support** until your baby is born.
The Ties That Bind
In my blog post The Ties That Bind: A Full Moon Blessing, I describe the journey of one of my clients, from trying to conceive and her pregnancy to her own Blessingway ceremony and the birth of her baby, and the truly magical experiences throughout. I describe how the arrival of her little one was communicated to me by the embodiment of ripe Goddess energy, the Full Moon, and this was the time he made his incredible appearance into the world. It is always an absolute joy for me to see the women I support grow and transform - not only physically - from pre-conception to birth. 
House And Space Clearing
The cleansing of spaces can be a wonderful way to clear an energetic and spiritual path before the arrival of a new life into your home. For information on shamanic space clearing services, please visit House, Space and Land Clearing.
TTC, Fertility, Pregnancy, Birth and Post Natal
I specialise in supporting women through the full cycle of their journey from conception to post natal support.
More information can be found at the links below or Women Wellness on the main menu.
Trying To Conceive - Fertility Support Plans
2nd Trimester 
Birth Preparation
Encouraging Labour
For Blessingway enquiries and to discuss the best ceremony for you, telephone  or Zoom consultations  can be booked online below. 
*Home visits are dependent on your location and are subject to additional costs
**Support includes 2 x 1hr in person/remote sessions and email support. In person/remote sessions may include Birth Preparation and Due Date ReproReflexology.
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