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Thank you for registering your interest in The Medicine Wheel small gatherings!

Your place is held for 4 days after the email notification and will be confirmed on finalisation of payment. After this time, I'm unable to hold your place. Please confirm your attendance by completing payment at the link below.

Date: Sunday 26th June 2022 | 11am - 1pm

Location: WytchWood, 5 Edmonton Terrace, East Kilbride G75 8AS - Map link


Full Workshop Itinerary


On arriving, you enter through the Garden Of The Goddess, a woodland themed garden honouring the Goddess and The Fae.

WytchWood Medicine Wheel

WytchWood Medicine Wheel

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What To Bring

You need only bring yourself, your love and respect for plants, a curiosity for communing closer with them and an open heart.


If you would like, the following can be helpful:

  • A bottle of water (this is useful when we work shamanically in circle). Water will be available.

  • A notebook and pen (if you would like to jot down some notes)

  • Outdoor clothing (the weather can be unpredictable and we will be exploring the Medicine Wheel garden outdoors. If the weather is prohibitive, we’ll be working more indoors!)

  • Shoes that are easy to slip on and off - we'll be going between the gardens and indoors and it's easier to have footwear that you can put on and pull off easily.



As WytchWood is in a residential area, on street parking may be limited. If you are attending with a friend, it is a good idea to car share. If you are unable to park on the street, free parking is available a short walk away at Tesco Metro in the Westwood Square.


Public Transport

If coming from Glasgow, the no.6 bus will drop you around 2 minutes walk from WytchWood; bus no.18 stop is around 5 minutes walk away. If coming from Lanarkshire, bus no.201 will drop you 2 minutes walk away. Train stations are a little further away, around a 20 minute walk from either East Kilbride or Hairmyres. At Hairmyres, the bus no.201 departs from Hairmyres Hospital grounds.

Guidance & Ground Rules

  • You are invited to experience the garden in your own meditative and sensory way and free to touch and smell the plants within the garden. Please however do not pick or taste the plants - not all plants that are grown at WytchWood are suitable for internal use or consumption.

  • We will be tasting some of the herbs from the garden - if you have any existing conditions that require medication management please check if there are any herbs that are contraindicated with your prescription medication by consulting your GP/other medical professional and medical herbalist. If you have any sensitivities or allergies regarding herbal teas, flowers or pollen this workshop is unlikely to be suitable - please do consult your GP, a medical professional or other qualified professional/herbalist if you have any concerns and before booking the workshop.

  • WytchWood is a working garden based my healing practice and place of work, but it is also mine and my family’s home. You are ofcourse free to use the toilet facilities when required, but it is not an ‘open house’. We welcome respectful visitors but please be aware that it is a private home and garden in a residential area. 

  • As such, WytchWood house and gardens have neighbours on both sides and to the bottom back of the garden. They are ofcourse free to enjoy their gardens too and we conduct the workshops with minimal intrusion with this in mind. Their enjoyment of their garden may coincide with the times of the workshops and while it is generally a quiet and peaceful space, there may be some noise. 

  • This also works the other way too. My work is sacred and shared only with those who understand its sacredness. This means that the full extent of my work is not generally known. While I am sure it is clear to neighbours that there are 'witchy goings on', sacredness is a very important aspect of working with energy and Spirit, and this is a crucial understanding for any apprentice or practitioner. In these workshops I share some of the sacredness with you and I ask that if there are any questions pertaining to the medicine of the plants and their esoteric uses, or craft in general, that these are discussed indoors during the tea ceremony.

  • As we work indoors, we will be sharing the space with my animal family, currently three cats. They are incredibly friendly - Luna in particular enjoys visitors. If you have an allergy to cats please do let me know as soon as possible as you will be unable to attend the workshop. 

  • My cats are indoor only cats - this means that all doors open to the gardens need to be closed as soon as they are opened. I will ensure this but it is important to inform you of this to be mindful.

  • Please be respectful of the space, gardens and all of their inhabitants. WytchWood is tended with love.

I thank you in advance for your respecting of these guidelines. I look forward to sharing the magic, spirit and plant medicine of WytchWood with you!



The workshops are facilitated by myself, Andrea, owner and practitioner at Flourish. I have worked with plants as medicine for almost 30 years and am an experienced alternative medicine specialist, shamanic healer, energy teacher and qualified horticulturist.

I am not a professional forager nor a qualified medical herbalist and the content of the workshops are not for medical use, they are for ceremonial use and not for internal consumption/self medicating. Please consult appropriate professionals if you would like information on foraging and using plants for food and/or medicinal use.

All healing modalities are not a diagnostic therapy, cannot claim to treat any condition and are no replacement for medical care. If you are ill or in pain, please consult your GP or medical professional in the first instance. Please do not disregard any medical advice.


The content of the workshops is for personal use only and not for professional use or reproduction. All material and content is copyright and IP of Flourish - for full details.

On booking, you are agreeing with the terms and conditions.

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