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The Medicine Wheel

A Journey For The Senses, Soul & Spirit

An Introduction To Sacred Plant Medicine

Seasonal: June - August 2022

Begins Summer Solstice 2022

These seasonal small group gatherings are held at WytchWood, the organic plant medicine garden at my healing practice in South Lanarkshire. They are for those who have an interest in plant medicine and wish to discover how to work with the Earth and the spiritual aspects of the Green World. These workshops are a unique opportunity to experience a working organic garden, shamanically guided to be designed for its purpose. 

These gatherings are a sensory journey through the Medicine Wheel, exploring the plants, herbs, vegetables and fruits who reside within the wheel. The workshop is an introduction to both the herbal medicine and ritual folklore uses of plants, and we will also work in circle to shamanically journey to the sacred spirit medicine of one of our plant allies. 

WytchWood Medicine Wheel

WytchWood Medicine Wheel

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Meet The Medicine

A wander around the Medicine Wheel with a sensory exploration within the garden (feel free to touch and smell!). This includes a short informal and general introduction to some of the practicalities of growing herbs for medicine including horticultural conditions, growing seasons, parts used for harvesting and general propagation.


Sit in Ceremony: Tea Tasting

We make our way indoors to sample some of the herbs that are grown in the Medicine Wheel, having mindfully and respectfully harvested some of the herbs currently in season. This way you can experience their life force energy immediately after cutting (we will also be using dried harvests from last year’s harvest for some of the plants that are not in flower or season at the time.) You’ll discover the medicinal uses of those herbs and also some of their folklore, Pagan, ritual and (Wytch) craft uses.


Work With Plant Spirit Medicine

We sit in circle in the healing room with the intention of connecting with the Spirit medicine of one of the plants. A dedicated space where we shamanic journey to meet the Plant Spirit for insight, healing, wisdom and love for ourselves and the Earth.


Upcoming Dates

We gather for the first time in 2022 on Sunday 26th June, aligning with the Summer Solstice, from 11am - 1pm.




To book your place, please register your interest here.

I look forward to sharing the magic, spirit and plant medicine of WytchWood with you!



The workshops are facilitated by myself, Andrea, owner and practitioner at Flourish. I have worked with plants as medicine for almost 30 years and am an experienced alternative medicine specialist, shamanic healer, energy teacher and qualified horticulturist.

I am not a professional forager nor a qualified medical herbalist and the content of the workshops are not for medical use, they are for ceremonial use and not for internal consumption/self medicating. Please consult appropriate professionals if you would like information on foraging and using plants for food and/or medicinal use.

All healing modalities are not a diagnostic therapy, cannot claim to treat any condition and are no replacement for medical care. If you are ill or in pain, please consult your GP or medical professional in the first instance. Please do not disregard any medical advice.


The content of the workshops is for personal use only and not for professional use or reproduction. All material and content is copyright and IP of Flourish - for full details.

On booking, you are agreeing with the terms and conditions.

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