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space clearing

House, Office, Land and Space Clearing
Sometimes we enter a space and we intuitively know if it doesn't 'feel right'. All spaces - homes, offices, schools, colleges, restaurants, bars - can retain the energy of not only the people who have spent time in that space but also the energy of the materials that were used to build the space, the history of the land, where it was built and the energy lines around, near or beneath the space.

Our own intuition is something that we have been taught to suppress and we are encouraged to rely heavily on our recognised senses of perception - what we can see, hear, smell, taste and touch - to analyse and interpret information about a place, person or situation. But we have all experienced 'something' that is beyond this range, an extra sensory perception that we can't quite rationalise and put our finger on - we just feel it. Extra sensory perception, which includes our intuition, is not a sense that we actually can rationalise but it is something very real, just as real as our five physical senses.


For many years I have been able to perceive energies outwith a 'normal' range of perception and over the years, my claircognizance has continued to develop with both my professional and personal holistic and spiritual work - you can read more about my own story here.

When a Space Clearing is advisable

Space clearing is a beneficial and positive process at any time but there are some times where it is advisable.

  • Moving into a new home
  • Selling or letting your home
  • Before and after renovations to your home
  • Suddenly feeling uncomfortable in a home or space  
  • Leasing or buying a business space
  • Recent relationship issues or arguments
  • Difficulty sleeping or relaxing in the space
  • Before the arrival of new members of the family (specifically children and animals)
  • After any member of the family has passed on
  • If an animal member of the family has gone missing
  • If you see, hear or feel a presence
  • When you feel a fresh energy or new start is needed

Space Clearing Ceremonies

My space clearing services involve using many different approaches and metaphysical means of removing unwanted or unnecessary energies allowing higher vibrational energies to take their place, using ceremonies of intent, invocation, incantation, the energy medicine of plants and stones and the guidance and support of spirit teachers and guides.


It is difficult to place a time frame on space clearing as each space requires its own individual attention and time dedicated to it. Please contact me using the enquiry form below for details.



Cost is dependent on the space and the time required for clearing - please enquire using the form below for prices. If you would like to arrange a consultation visit before arranging a space clearing, the cost is £75 which includes travelling expenses. A brief phone consultation is without charge.

Space Clearing Ceremony Enquiry

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