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'An insight and approach to healing that is rare. 

Deeply passionate and caring.'

Ruby, Client 


The ethos and values that underpin Flourish, fundamental to the services Flourish provides.

Image by Brett Jordan


Prospective and existing clients have access to accurate information about Flourish's professional credentials, skills and experience and the scope of the practice services.

Flower in Hand


Flourish protects the physical, mental & emotional safety of participants by providing safe spaces, confidentiality and appropriate boundaries.


Compassion For All

The products used and remedies recommended are free from any and all animal testing, both in the finished product and in the raw materials used.

Image by Ricardo Arce


Flourish clearly defines what is professional opinion, belief and findings based on practitioner experience and clients' journeys, and information that is supported by third party scientific research.



Andrea provides personal witness by living the healing modalities, techniques and approaches she employs and shares in Flourish's services.

Foggy Forest

Nurturing Nature

Positively & actively contributing to the support & sustainability of the local & global ecology. Flourish's growing spaces - WytchWood Potager & The Goddess Garden - are holistic, organic & peat free.



All those who seek Flourish's services - clients, students and participants - will be able to freely express and share personal opinions without fear of judgement, ridicule or shame.

Forest Road


Flourish takes clear steps to minimise any risk taken by clients, students and participants by clearly explaining the therapeutic process and expectations of it.

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