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Andrea's Reiki Level 1 course isn't just a day course where you learn to do Reiki.

It's life changing.

- Zara, Reiki student who attended the Reiki For Therapists program and is currently undertaking her case studies for the Reiki Level 2 certificate

The sessions with you really changed my life and have given me wisdom that I know will stay with me. It’s hard to put into words how grateful I am to you and how much you helped me!

I’ve been feeling very relaxed (during my pregnancy), I think because I dealt with a lot of my anxiety beforehand with you. I go on maternity leave in 2 weeks! 

Dawn, Client

From an email I received from Dawn, a client who was trying to conceive for over a year before beginning my Fertility Treatment Plan. She conceived 2 months before the beginning of her scheduled IVF appointments. She gave birth to a healthy, beautiful baby boy.  Read about Dawn's fertility journey here.


My sessions were profound and deeply spiritual - words are too small to describe the shift I have felt in myself as a result. I have had previous therapy, but I honestly don't think I could have made so much progress without Andrea. She focuses on you as a whole person, mentally, physically and spiritually. This was crucial for me - what had been missing all along. I feel strong and cradled by the world again. With her help, I not only was able to finally heal, but to gently put those shadows behind me and thrive.

Rose, Client

Read Rose's journey of how she is overcoming trauma and PTSD here


The Soul Retrieval was such a wonderful experience and I can't thank you enough!

I have never felt so happy and at peace in my life!

Gillian, Client

From an email I received from Gillian, one of my clients who underwent a life changing transformation following her shamanic healing. Read more about Gillian's experience here


Gifted is the word I would use to describe Andrea and her talent. I went to help with severe stress due to a difficult family situation. I was immediately put at ease...Andrea is an extremely calm and gentle person. Just being in her presence made me feel reassured and relaxed.

She listened carefully to me and then explained the process of Reiki. She also carried out shamanic healing at a later date. I felt very much de-stressed and able to cope better with my situation at the end of the process. I will most certainly be visiting her again and would not hesitate to recommend her to friends and family.

Supporting this client, and her family, on the path of ancestral healing for generational trauma


I have a longstanding rheumatic condition which affects my joints. Occasionally I get a flare up and this causes my joints to swell, causing pain and discomfort and decreasing mobility and flexibility in the affected areas. I contacted Andrea for an Initial Reflexology appointment in the hope it could help to alleviate my symptoms. I was asked to provide some information about my general health and some questions relating to lifestyle – thorough indeed!

As a male client, I found Andrea’s manner to be friendly and welcoming, which quickly helped dispel my initial nervousness. I felt as if I was in the hands of a therapist who was taking more information into account, other than what I provided...a very comprehensive experience from a therapist who is professional, and clearly very knowledgeable, being able to see beyond the immediate issues to unlock a fuller picture.


Brendan, Client

Brendan attends Treatment Plan sessions. He finds these give him more control over his own health and wellbeing. Read his own healing journey here


Andrea has been my therapist since March 2017 and I can say that she has helped me immensely in that time. I've had Reiki, Reflexology and recently, Crystal Healing.

She has an ability to put you at ease immediately and an intuitive sense that picks up what you don't say! I really value my sessions...and they have become protected time in the diary!

Juliet, Client

Juliet came for holistic support when trying to conceive.

Her personal fertility experiences are loss, resilience and huge joy - an incredible journey. Read Juliet's story here


I had my first Reiki session recently and I'm so glad Andrea was my practitioner.

I am still overwhelmed as to how the session has affected me and what I felt during the Reiki, but it was honestly one of the most positive experiences I've ever had.

Afterwards, Andrea spoke to me about what she had sensed - some of it I already knew and it was wonderful to have some reassurance and validation, whilst the other information was an eye-opener. I feel calm, collected and 'open'.

I'm very thankful to have shared this experience with Andrea and I'm looking forward to my next session.

Client and Reiki Student

This client felt compelled to contact about this after her first session as she wanted to share with others her first experience of Reiki.

After attending further Reiki sessions, she felt called to the path of learning Reiki for herself attending Flourish's Reiki Level 1 Introductory Course


Andrea has a lovely, relaxing set up and I immediately felt at ease.

Having booked the combined reflexology/reiki treatment and having had both before from other practitioners, I did have an idea of what to expect but was delighted by the quality of the experience.

The treatment was deeply relaxing yet challenging at the same time. Andrea quickly tapped into deep rooted issues and offered clear and empathetic ideas about post treatment self care. I plan to use the service as often as I can.

This client is living with a lifelong condition and attends regular sessions for pain management and to support her resilience


Andrea is a very warm and caring therapist. I had never had reflexology before and booked a 90 min reflexology session for sciatica. I had a truly relaxing experience. I had been in extreme pain for weeks and this was the first time I had felt free from pain and it was such a relief.

Andrea explained ways that I could help myself - this has made such a difference and has helped with recurring headaches.


My next session I booked a combination of reflexology and reiki. Again my first experience of reiki. I was initially apprehensive how I would feel. Andrea carefully explained what she was going to do and then what is going on in my body after the session. I was very impressed by how accurate she was and how she picked up how I was feeling and what I was struggling with.

At all times I felt very cared for. Andrea has a very gentle, respectful and empathetic approach and I instantly felt safe - she is an excellent practitioner.

This client works in Counselling, which demands much of her and exposes her to vicarious trauma. Her sessions are tailored to ensure she is fully supported.


I hugely look forward to my sessions. They have helped me understand my headspace better and I feel rested and ordered after a session.

Although a process, it is also a relaxing experience and I look forward to my chats with Andrea and her feedback on what she has felt from our session.

She is kind and hugely supportive, making our sessions an important part of looking after myself.

Client, a secondary school teacher in Glasgow


After a couple of years of intermittently toying with the idea, I eventually managed to sign myself up for a Reiki Level I class. I believe I found some special hands of healing through Andrea.

During the class I would ask Andrea questions about Reiki and the sensations I was experiencing. She would listen to my questions and take the time need to explain things to me  - I never felt rushed when I was talking with her.


Through her tutelage and disposition I felt welcomed and easily able to open up.  Andrea is a knowledgeable and compassionate teacher and created an environment for me where I felt comfortable to ask questions and to share my thoughts - some of which were really personal.


As well as practicing the techniques which Andrea taught me I have been trying to take that Reiki learning and principles and apply it to my day-to-day life. I'm by no way an expert but have found Andrea's continued support - especially through this early part of my journey - very comforting.

I am so glad my Reiki journey started with Andrea.

Caroline, Reiki student

Supporting students on their Reiki path with a range of Reiki courses.

Caroline shares her experience here


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