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self care plans

If you've found yourself here, chances are you're ready to make some changes. Self Care Plans are dedicated to helping you introduce positive ways of supporting your health and wellbeing, caring for yourself in a truly holistic way by guiding you through the first steps toward reconnecting with yourself. Whether you are looking for guidance on how to make lasting changes, support your existing care with specialist holistic therapy, manage a long term condition, release from harmful habits or embark on a path to rediscover your spirituality, Flourish Self Care Plans are individually tailored specifically for you. 

Payment plans
A deposit is requested as the initial investment and to book your regular appointments, which are given priority and booked in advance. In securing your plan, we have both made a commitment to your journey of self care.
Please note: Self Care Plans are different from
Support Plans, which are focused on specialist recovery and healing.
  • Dedicated Self Care


    jede Woche
    Dedicated 8 week Bodywork self care plan
    Gültig für 8 Wochen
    • 4 x 1.5hr sessions over 2 months
    • 1 x 1.5hr session each fortnight
    • Personalised, tailored & adaptive treatments each session
    • Access to 'Reflexology: The Natural Pain Killer' blog
    • Access to 'Face Value: Dien Chan & Facial Reflexology' blog
    • Access to 'Counting Down To Calm' meditation exercise
    • Advance & priority booking
    • Deposit £180 with 8 x weekly payments of £20
  • Seedling

    jede Woche
    The first step to beginning your self care
    Gültig für 8 Wochen
    • 2 month introduction to dedicated self care
    • Priority booking
    • 4 x 1hr bodywork treatments, 1 session each fortnight
    • Advanced booking
    • Access to 'Breathing Exercises For Relaxation'
    • Deposit £120 and 8 x weekly payments of £15
  • Mighty Oak Medicine

    jede Woche
    Transformational 3 month self care plan
    Gültig für 12 Wochen
    • 12 x 1.5hr dedicated one to one sessions over 3 months
    • One session each week, adapted to your needs and progress
    • Tailored support for your personal development & resilience
    • Priority booking, your preferred day & time each week*
    • Free access to 10 health, wellness & spiritual blog posts
    • Deposit £330 with 12 x weekly payments of £50
    • *on Flourish working days only
Seedling - The Growth Spurt
Introductory 8 week plan - 4 x 1hr sessions
£240 | £120 deposit with 8 x weekly payments of £15
  • Specifically designed for clients who are new to self care and want to begin a dedicated program to support their health and wellbeing 
  • Often self care is thought of as something that we all should automatically know how to do but many have not been taught or shown how to successfully support all aspects of our own wellbeing, including supporting mental and emotional health and growing resilience
  • Introductory starter plan of 4 x 1hr fortnightly sessions of Bodywork therapy (this may include Massage, Reflexology, Reiki and Acupressure) over 8 weeks. 
Each of your weekly appointments can be booked online in advance and payment is automatically taken each week- please see the terms and conditions page before booking.
Sycamore - Bedding In
8 week Introductory Plan for Chronic/Long Term Conditions
£340 | £180 deposit with 8 x weekly payments of £20
  • 2 month treatment plan designed for clients who are considering ongoing support for chronic health conditions
  • Recommended as the first step in managing pain and chronic/long term health conditions
  • 4 x 1.5hr fortnightly sessions over 2 months 
  • Sessions can include a variety of different approaches, from Holistic Bodywork to Energy Medicine, and is dependent on your needs at each appointment and how you are responding to treatment
  • After 8 weeks, clients regularly begin to show clear signs of improvement and feel they have a more positive outlook for the future
Each of your fortnightly appointments can be booked online in advance. Please see the terms and conditions page before booking.
Mighty Oak Medicine - Solid Grounding
3 month plan - 12 x 1.5hr sessions
£990 | £330 deposit with 12 x weekly payments of £55
  • 12 x 1hr weekly sessions over 3 months
  • Designed for clients who are looking to incorporate regular sessions into a dedicated program of self care and healing
  • Sessions include a variety of different holistic approaches of Massage, Olfactotherapy, Reiki, Reflexology and Acupressure, Bioenergetic Medicine including Chakra Rebalance and Auric Healing
  • Tailored to you - as the treatments progress, we assess and adapt to your needs at each next step 
  • Recommended as the follow on step from Seedling and Sycamore
  • Ongoing personal, professional and spiritual development
  • Managing chronic, long term health conditions, releasing addiction/harmful habits and successfully dealing with challenging life experiences.
Added Extras
- Access to 10 health, wellness, nutrition and spiritual blog posts
- Advance and priority appointment booking, ensuring your appointments are secured each week
After 12 weeks, clients feel more positive, less stressed and with a marked improvement in pain management - whether mental, physical or emotional - reduced stress and anxiety and with significant and noticeable improvements in personal confidence, resilience, assertiveness, awareness and strengthening of boundaries and the integration of new and healthy habits based in an understanding of self compassion.
Each of your weekly appointments can be booked online in advance and payment is automatically taken each week - please see the terms and conditions page before booking. 
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