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Kim initially began attending Personal Development sessions and now also attends therapeutic treatment sessions. She feels this supports both her own personal and professional development and her holistic well-being.


'I was encountering stress and could not find ways to alleviate it so I considered trying a more holistic approach.

I find the sessions enlightening. I have discovered many new things about myself, and those close to me, at each session. The environment created by Andrea is peaceful and allows you to relax - I feel safe in the space and able to discuss anything openly and honestly. By being aware that Andrea is non judgemental, I feel I can truly open up to her like no one else.

The sessions are having an empowering and positive effect on my life and are giving me space to grow and learn things about myself I didn’t know - I feel I am on a journey of growth and the sessions are helping me in that respect.'

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Life coaching sessions from a holistic perspective, considering the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual aspects of your life. In the initial session, we work togeth...
Coaching & Empowerment First Visit
1 hr
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