Requesting an appointment can be done online by choosing your service from the options below. Bookings are 'Approved' or 'Declined' shortly after your request. When your booking is Approved, an email will be sent to confirm your appointment, the location and the service you have requested, with a reminder email and text (if you have chosen this option) sent 24 hours prior to your booking. All bookings are subject to booking terms.

Why would a request be 'Declined'?

A declined booking request does not necessarily mean we cannot work together, often quite the opposite. Sometimes I may not have availability for the service you have requested at that time, I need a little more information on your own personal situation before we can continue or a pre-appointment consultation is required as a first contact for the service you have requested (if this is the case, this will have been outlined on the page of that service). You'll find more information on reasons for declining here. If your request has been declined, you will always be informed why.

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