Reflexology is an incredibly useful, supportive therapy during pregnancy, helping to take some much needed time out to nurture and care for yourself and help ease the physical aches and pains of your (often quickly!) changing body and encouraging a positive, relaxed outlook. These sessions are intended to help reduce stress and anxiety, manage changes in mood and appetite, encourage healthy circulation, of blood and lymph reduce fluid retention and discomfort and aid restful sleep. Available only from the second trimester onward.
One of my clients, Stephanie*, began attending Maternity Reflexology sessions and my Birth Preparation Plan in the weeks leading up to her due date. She was keen to avoid being induced and attended a Due Date Reflexology session, and gave birth to her health baby 48 hours later. Read more about Stephanie's experience here.
Birth Preparation Plan
Birth Preparation Reflexology is a specific plan dedicated to the last 4 weeks before your due date. Please visit Maternity | Birth Preparation or Plans & Pricing for more details.
Due Date
Due Date sessions are available for women who are 40 weeks and 4 days+ however in certain circumstances they are also available for 40 weeks+. Please visit Maternity | Due Date for more information.
Blessingway (Mother's Blessing)
The Blessingway is a Goddess led ceremony in circle celebrating the expectant mother and offering blessings to both the mother and baby. For women who wish to celebrate their upcoming motherhood, the Blessingway is a spiritual and shamanic gathering that many women arrange either as an addition, or as an alternative, to a baby shower.  These can be conducted one to one or in a group session. Please contact me for more details.