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Shamanic Reiki 

Spirituality is a deeply personal feeling. For some, it means following a specific religion, dogma, belief system or connecting with the divinity within ourselves, and for others it is acknowledging the life force essence in nature. 
Shamanic Reiki sessions combine the teachings and healing approaches of both Usui Reiki and Shamanism. Reiki has a dedicated structure and often a vibratory, symbolic framework in its approach to connecting with life force energy and Shamanism is the world's oldest spiritual practice of connecting with the spiritual realms, teachers and guides to initiate healing.
Shamanic Reiki sessions are for those who feel a deep connection to their own spirituality, drawing on something greater than ourselves, knowing that we are all children of the stars. As the facilitator, I draw upon universal life energy, the support of enlightened spirit guides and the energies of the plant and mineral kingdoms to initiate healing. Each session is individual to you.
Sessions are dedicated to healing, exploring your beliefs, offering you the opportunity to discuss your own approach, helping you reconnect with this aspect of yourself, communing with your own spirituality and deepening your own connection.
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