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quantum healing

Quantum Entanglement Healing is based on the quantum physics entanglement theory, that two particles remain connected, even over time and space, in such a way that any actions performed on one particle has an effect on the other. In this way, QE Healing can help support a range of energetic and vibrational imbalances, including karmic release and ancestral healing. This relatively recent physics theory is a scientific similarity to what spiritual seekers have felt for many years, that is that everything is connected to everything else, and we are all One.
My many years of work and research in the fields of both science and holistic healing have shown something really very clear, and that is that science and spirituality are not so far removed from each other as we would comfortably like to think. While one is focused on results conforming to a certain framework of specifications, the other is experiential without the limits of our minds - the results speak for themselves in those of my clients who have felt the benefits of an alternative approach to self healing.
In initiating a QE session, the frequency of my energy field becomes aligned to a higher vibrational frequency with the intention of initiating positive changes in the energy field and meridians (lines of energy that run throughout our bodies and our electromagnetic energy layers) of the recipient, moving from a low frequency vibration (for example, stress, grief, sadness) to a higher frequency vibration (love, joy, contentment). For more information, please visit Quantum Entanglement.
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