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Image by Marc-Olivier Jodoin

power retrieval

Power Loss

We can lose our personal power in many ways. Sometimes we give our power away to others (family, partners or the workplace) and sometimes it is taken from us. We can often find it difficult to make decisions that are beneficial to us when we are not fully in our own power. By restoring personal power, we reconnect and strengthen our relationship with our power animal, empowering ourselves and enabling us to form healthier relationships, both with ourselves and others. Without our full personal power, we can often feel stuck in relationships that are not beneficial for us but cannot seem to remove ourselves from them, or we feel fatigued or exhausted in the presence of certain people and are unsure why.


Power Animals

Shamanism teaches that, when we are first born into this world, the spirit of at least one power animal volunteers to remain with us to keep us healthy and protect us from harm.  We often lose touch with these animal spirit guides, especially during times of trauma, stress or in relationships where our power is being lost to us.

Power Retrieval

As the facilitator for this work, I retrieve your lost power with the help of spirit helpers and spirits of the light, returning them to where they belong, home with you. Power Retrieval Ceremonies should only be undertaken by a qualified, experienced Shamanic Practitioner - details of my training and experience can be found here.

Your Healing Ceremonies
Sessions are around 1.5 - 2 hours including time for talking therapy, the healing ceremony itself and time afterwards to integrate the healing.
Remote Sessions
Power Retrieval can also be conducted remotely if you are physically or geographically unable to attend in person. I regularly perform power retrieval ceremonies for international clients.
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