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Insomnia and Sleep Disorders 

Insomnia impacts on all areas of our lives. Without proper rest, we find it difficult to deal with the coming day and challenges often become overwhelming.
There are many reasons for insomnia and they are as individual as we are, from mental over-activity and worry to chronic pain and changes in personal circumstances.
Holistic approaches have much to offer sleep disorders.
Phytotherapy combined with bodywork, including massage and reflexology, can provide both relaxation and gentle sedation - many essential oils also have analgesic properties which also helps in pain relief - and energy therapies can support us emotionally. During your Consultation we discuss your own individual needs, taking into consideration your sleep pattern, lifestyle, responsibilities and what life is like for you, day to day.
Herbal Preparations
During sessions I often recommend various herbal preparations which include teas and Olfactotherapy creams, which are prepared especially for existing clients and they have found these to be useful for sleep disorders - you'll find these in the Apothecary.

Initial Consultation

1hr 30 min | Assessment and treatment

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