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jeu. 16 avr.


Your own sacred space

Radiating Reiki - April 2020 - Free of Charge

Add your name to be a recipient in Flourish's remote Reiki session, without charge. Your details are private and confidential. Please see event details for suggestions on your preparations for the session.

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Radiating Reiki - April 2020 - Free of Charge
Radiating Reiki - April 2020 - Free of Charge

Time & Location

16 avr. 2020, 19:00 – 19:30 UTC+1

Your own sacred space

About the Event

These remote sessions are without charge and anyone is free to add their name - all that is asked is that you share something with others in exchange, either checking in with a friend or neighbour, taking a longer walk with your dog, putting a little extra food out for the birds or tending some plants. It is important to receive permission for Reiki energy - please do not add someone other than yourself to the list. If you feel someone may benefit from Radiating Reiki sessions, please forward the event details for them to add their name.

The sessions are conducted from WytchWood, my sacred healing space in East Kilbride near Glasgow, Scotland. The beauty of the sessions is that no matter where you are in the world, you can participate.

To prepare for the session

Find a quiet place where you will not be disturbed. Create a space that feels comfortable and warm - lighting some candles and soothing background music help create a relaxing atmosphere. You can either sit in a chair or lie down down, whichever is more comfortable for you, with the intention of receiving the energy. It is often useful to have a pen and paper to hand to write down any experiences you may have and a blanket handy in case you feel a little cold during the session.

After the session

Be sure to drink plenty of water afterwards. If you feel a little light headed, eating a light snack (some fruit, especially apples) is useful for grounding after a remote healing session. Try to get as much rest as you can afterwards. As the sessions are conducting in the evening, if you feel tired or a little groggy it can be beneficial to go to bed after the session.

What is remote Reiki?

Healing energy and high vibratory medicine, such as Reiki, knows no limits in regard to what we perceive as linear time and distance. We are surrounded by energy layers, commonly called the aura, and are connected to each other by this common energy. It is a high vibrational energy that works with intention and focus.

Benefits of Reiki 

Remote Reiki Sessions are beneficial for clients who cannot physically or geographically attend sessions in person. Some distance healing sessions are also specialised and these include ArchAngel Healing, Auric Scanning and Shamanic Healing. Many clients find remote sessions incredibly supportive between in-person sessions, during travel or prior to and in recovery from procedures or surgery in hospital. 


Reiki is not a diagnostic therapy, cannot claim to treat any condition and is no replacement for medical care. If you are ill or in pain, please consult your GP or medical professional in the first instance. Please do not disregard any medical advice.

Booking a One To One Remote Session

I provide remote Reiki sessions for clients all over the world, from Rutherglen to San Francisco and the Highlands to Singapore. To book a remote healing session or a Skype, webchat or telephone consult, please visit Distance Healing or email me at 

Remote sessions are conducted mainly Thursday afternoons and evenings until 8pm and Friday until 4.30pm GMT. Depending on where you are in the world, sessions can also be accommodated to your own time zone.


Your details are always private and confidential.


This event is free. If you would like to donate, this can be done via PayPal


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    Free remote healing event.

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