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'An insight and approach to healing that is rare. 

Deeply passionate and caring.'

Ruby, Client 


The ethos and values that underpin Flourish, fundamental to the services Flourish provides.

Image by Jan Canty


Holistic healing and medicine for recovery of the self

- Trauma

- Chronic illness


Shamanic Healing

- Power Retrieval

Soul Retrieval

- Extraction

- Psychopomping

- House, Land & Space Clearing

Forest Road


- One to One Healing

- Level 1 Training Courses

- Practitioner Programs

- Support & Supervision

Image by Brett Jordan

Remote Support

- Online & phone support

-Distance Healing

Flower in Hand


- Energy Therapy

- Auric Healing

- Chakra Medicine

Forest Road

The School of H.E.A.L

All courses and events at The School of Holistic and Esoteric Advancement and Learning

Image by Ricardo Arce

Woman Wellness

- Fertility & TTC

- Pregnancy & Post Natal

- Menopause



- Plant Medicine Workshops

- Apothecary & Dispensary

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