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support & supervision

Working intensely with people is deeply rewarding and sometimes we come across situations that challenge us. These can be incredibly beneficial in developing ourselves both personally and professionally, but we often need a guiding hand and support ourselves in order to learn from these sometimes difficult teachings. If you work in an area where you support clients, groups and community projects, you will likely come across occasions that challenge you, your boundaries, your ethics and your knowledge, skills and experience.

As a professional practitioner of over 20 years experience, I work intensively and extensively one to one with clients, teach workshops and courses, have lectured in further education and facilitated community groups, and I have experienced many personal and professional challenges in my work. My support and supervision sessions are specifically dedicated to supporting therapists in training, qualified therapists, meditation, mindfulness and yoga practitioners, community support workers, counsellors and professionals in holistic lifestyles. These sessions support your professional confidence and personal development with holistic counsel, aimed at ensuring you remain balanced, focused and sustainable in your work.

Support and supervision sessions for both therapists in training, qualified therapists, meditation and mindfulness practitioners, yoga teachers, counsellors and professio...
Support & Supervision For Therapists
1 hr
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