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I endured a series of traumatic experiences that overwhelmed my ability to cope. Care practitioners and authority figures whom I approached for help dismissed it. For several years, I felt silenced and suffered a deep emotional wound, what I can only describe as an injury to my soul. Andrea was the first person to listen and validate my experiences. She is a remarkably kind, wise and trustworthy person.

I saw Andrea for Energy Sessions and a Soul Retrieval. Her insights and guidance were eye-opening and always right on. With her help, I was able to untangle these burdens and to understand myself more deeply than before, both in relation to the trauma and in my life as a whole! The Soul Retrieval was a gentle experience that I will always treasure, and which will provide a lifelong source of precious self-knowledge and strength.

My sessions were profound and deeply spiritual - words are too small to describe the shift I have felt in myself as a result. I have had previous therapy, but I honestly don't think I could have made so much progress without Andrea. She focuses on you as a whole person, mentally, physically and spiritually. This was crucial for me - what had been missing all along. I feel strong and cradled by the world again. With her help, I not only was able to finally heal, but to gently put those shadows behind me and thrive.

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