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Remote Chakra Medicine Sessions

Many Energy Medicine and Therapies can be conducted remotely and are useful if you are unable to attend in person sessions. Remote sessions are for clients limited either by geography or physical, mental or emotional limitations or restrictions that prevent them from attending in person. The healing effects of the sessions are in no way lessened by distance; often remote sessions can be energetically more intensive. Please visit Remote (Distance) Reiki and Remote Shamanic Healing Ceremonies to find out more details and how to book remote Reiki and Shamanic healing sessions.
On receiving your booking for your first remote session, I send an email to you with  guidance on preparations for your own space where you choose to receive the healing. If you are a new client, I will forward a secure link to a confidential online consultation form for you to complete. At the beginning of your appointment time there is a 10 - 15 minute telephone consultation, followed by the healing session itself which is approximately 60 minutes, which I conduct remotely from my home therapy room in Glasgow. After the session there is a 15 minute telephone consultation or webchat where we discuss the session and I outline any self care for you to do at home following your sessions.
Chakric areas of imbalance are determined and addressed with psychic clearing, balancing and realignment. Remote sessions are for clients who are unable to attend in pers...
Remote Chakra Medicine | 1.5hr
1 hr 30 min
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