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A Psychopomp is a shaman who holds the space and lights the way at end of life, but who also offers healing at this stage in the journey. This may seem a little strange to us with the Western view as we often equate healing with 'fixing' or 'curing' but healing is about restoring ourselves, and this is also the case before physical death. Buddhist monks believe that their lives' work is to prepare for death. This may seem a little morose for us but it is quite the opposite when looked at from a spiritual perspective. When we believe that our souls are eternal, moving from realm to realm, then why wouldn't we want to ensure that every day we have all of ourselves, all that belongs to us and that we bring all of our soul to our every day and will take every single piece of our essence with us when we pass to the next life? Retrieving those parts of our soul which we may have lost on the path of life is one of the cornerstones of shamanic healing, soul retrieval.  

Physical Death
The only comparable example in Orthodox and Catholic faiths is the last rites. Shamanic approaches feel that the soul parts are brought together and guided to Spirit. There is no requirement for atonement or confession - any words, exclamations or needs to share are welcomed but these are not perceived as sins. A shamanic psychopomping ceremony is a calling to the Divine to welcome the soul to its new home.

I have been honoured to have been psychopomp to humans, animals and the tree kingdom (in Shamanism every inhabitant of the world has its own spirit). I have also been Psychopomp for various locations in the world at times of crisis when I have been called to do so - there is a little more about this in The Land Of Fire: Healing Australia

Psychopomp Ceremonies for the living
Psychopomping ceremonies are about death and rebirth, but this need not be a physical death. Ceremonies can be for the death of an old life - ideas, perspectives and thoughts that have run their course and served their purpose - ready to welcome in a new era, a reincarnation and rebirth of ourselves.

If you would like to discuss any aspect of Psychopomping, please book a 15 or 30 minute phone or Zoom consultation - these can be booked online below. This is a dedicated time and space to privately discuss any aspect of this service. Please note that I am unable to discuss via email.
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