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Thank you for your interest in becoming a Patron and supporting my channelled scribing, writing work and videos.

I try to accurately and respectfully honour the messages that I receive from Spirit - as a scribe, channelling messages is a wonderful, highly energetic and beautiful experience but it is often an exhausting and very time consuming one when it strikes. A post that may take 5 minutes to read can sometimes take up to 12 hours to clarify and edit in order to make the message as clear as it can be, in language that is accessible to everyone and is as understandable as possible - 'Just Hang, Man' was a good example of this.

My writings and blog posts - over 70 alone on this site and more on previous websites - have been available to all, free of charge, since Flourish began many years ago. I have always shared these in newsletters, and on social media, encouraging people to take away whatever message they receive from them. However with the increase in the number of messages I am receiving (and their length and intensity) and with the broad and varied topics, resources and information on holistic approaches I share in my blog, it has become necessary to offer Patron subscriptions for various levels of access.
Speaking Truth
With social media platforms heavily restricting and censoring by removal of certain content, it is becoming increasingly difficult for alternative views and voices that enquire, question, explore or share to be heard on larger sites such as Facebook and Twitter. Those who speak out are often de-platformed, an ever increasing result of cancel culture that can be professionally as well as personally damaging and all too real for many (mainly women) who voice a different opinion to the mainstream narrative.
If you would like to support my written work by becoming a patron, your support allows me to continue to share scribed messages, alternative views, holistic wellbeing with you, as well as tarot readings, self help techniques to support autonomy of your own natural health and healing, and ceremonial rituals for celebrations.

I have received so many wonderful comments about my blog posts and newsletters over the years, and so I hope you continue to feel that access to my writings have value, offer insight and support - and sometimes a voice for the unsaid - and are worthy of patronage. 

What Is a Patron?
A patron is someone who commits to regularly supporting the creative works of independent one person businesses in exchange for access to services or resources that are exclusively available to patrons. 
In exchange for a commitment to monthly support, you receive access to restricted, exclusive and new content.

How To Become A Patron
There are a few support options, from £5 to £25 a month. When you become a patron you then have access to the members' area of the site where there is a small community and the option to connect with like minded folks should you choose. When you sign up with your preferred plan, your support is taken every month via your chosen payment option and you can cancel at any time.

Please note: The Tarot Patron Plan is for a general reading issued on the website every week for the week ahead. If you would like to arrange personal readings each week or month, these can be done by subscribing at Tarot or individual readings can be bought for yourself, or gifted by e-card, in the online shop.

Copyright and IP: All content is Copyright and Intellectual Property of Flourish and patronage does not change this. Patronage does not allow content to be used, replicated, copied or other. The content available is for personal use and information only. Distribution and professional use are prohibited. Please see terms and conditions for full details.

No plans availableOnce there are plans available for purchase, you’ll see them here.
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