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Gillian's Story

Gillian is a wise woman with incredible life experiences who volunteers her services in talking therapies for those who have suffered bereavement. She herself suffered the loss of her child when he was ready to explore the world in his burgeoning adulthood. She knows their pain, she has lived it.

This was from an email that I received from Gillian, that she had asked me to share, shortly after her first Shamanic soul retrieval session and it really captures the wonderful gift that shamanic healing is to us.

'The Soul Retrieval was such a wonderful experience and I can’t thank you enough! The soul parts which you retrieved for me were all easily recognisable to me and made perfect sense. The whole session with you was wonderful and so relevant to me and to my experiences in this life and helped me spiritually and psychologically.

I already feel different in terms of my compassion and I even feel very accepting of myself and significant others at the traumatic points in my life in a way I have not done so before! I have never felt so happy and at peace in my life as I have since the Soul Retrieval! I feel stronger to continue with my work and am really looking forward to this part of my life as a much wiser, integrated woman and you have helped so much with that!’

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