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Flourish | Healing Services

Reiki Level 2 Professional Practitioner Program - March 2020

On this program you will learn to deepen the art and develop your discipline of Reiki. The Professional Practitioner Program is a journey of commitment to your personal and professional development of Reiki and a dedicated one to one training and support program over the course of 4 months.

This program is fully booked. Please get in touch for details of the next upcoming program.
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Reiki Level 2 Professional Practitioner Program - March 2020
Reiki Level 2 Professional Practitioner Program - March 2020

Time & Location

2020 mar. 22(a) (10:00) – 16:30 GMT

Flourish | Healing Services, Wytchwood, East Kilbride, Glasgow G75, UK

About the event


Dedicated Training For The Committed Professional


Full Day Attunement and Practice

Sunday 22nd March 2020, arrival for 10am for refreshments and introductions, course begins 10.30am - 4.30pm. Herbal tea refreshments are provided. Lunch is not included - please provide your own lunch.

Half Day Code Of Conduct Training

Sunday 29th March 2020, 10.30am - 1.30pm

Support Sessions

TBC: 1 x 1hr session in April 2020, 1 x 1hr session in May, 1 x 1hr session in June


TBC: From April - June 2020

Where: Wytchwood, East Kilbride, G75

Cost: £550 

Availability: One to one tailored program

Accessibility: The venue is not wheelchair accessible

The Professional Practitioner Program is a journey of commitment to your personal and professional development of Reiki. It is a dedicated one to one training and support program over the course of 4 months. 

  • 1 x full day of initial training with attunement, practice sessions and energetic development; practical, therapeutic and spiritual uses of the sacred symbols; meditative practice and self development; varying the approach for different clients. Study manual included.
  • 1 x half day of comprehensive training in professional guidelines, GDPR, Code Of Conduct, consultation skills, record keeping and obtaining insurance. Study manual included.
  • 3 x 1hr follow on supervision and mentoring sessions, one each month for the 3 months following the full and half day training. These sessions are to support you in your personal and professional development; to discuss your findings, experiences and any challenges you encounter in your case studies and what these may mean; positive guidance and coaching for your development. These may also include therapeutic healing sessions for yourself, facilitated by your Reiki Master
  • Ongoing webchat/Skype support for the duration of your training

On this program you will learn to deepen the art and develop your discipline of Reiki. It will show you how to help initiate a deeper practice for sharing Reiki with yourself and equip you with everything you need to share Reiki with the public. The successful completion of 15 case studies is required for you to be personally and professionally skilled to confidently offer Reiki to the public and their completion are essential for certification. 

This comprehensive training program provides:

  • Initiation into the three sacred Usui Reiki symbols
  • A deeper understanding of the energy vortices (chakras)
  • Further grounding and protection techniques
  • Meditation techniques using the sacred symbols
  • How to prepare a healing space
  • Hand positions for self treatment and clients
  • Energy field awareness, body scanning and intuitive development including an introduction to dowsing techniques in energy work
  • Auric self cleansing and charging
  • Practical self treatment and treating others session
  • Different healing uses for Reiki symbols including trauma, addiction, remote sessions and time ‘travel’
  • How to use Reiki symbols with food and drinks
  • Different uses for Reiki including meditation and mindfulness practice, sharing with plants and animals and Earth healing
  • Guidelines for the professional practitioner including Code Of Conduct, consultation skills, Data Protection, Health and Safety, record keeping, working with other therapy professionals and professional insurance
  • 3 x 1hr supervision, mentoring and coaching sessions to support you during your case studies. This may include therapeutic, energetic and intuitive healing for you faciliated by your Reiki Master to cleanse, balance and maintain your own auric energy

Requirements Before Booking the Program

A copy of your Reiki Level 1 certificate emailed to your Reiki Master Teacher and, as a guideline, 6 months practical Reiki practice.

Refreshments and Lunch

Herbal tea refreshments, water and gluten free, vegan snacks are available throughout the program. On the full day of training, lunch is not provided - please make provision for your lunch. Important - Please note, if you have any specific dietary requirements, allergies or intolerances, (nuts, wheat, nightshades, soy, celery, mustard, etc), the snack and beverage preparation area is not guaranteed free of allergens.


It is essential to avoid alcohol and recreational substances on the training days and support sessions, and is advisable to avoid alcohol, recreational substances, coffee and heavy meals the night before these days. 

As your program is one to one and does not involve group practice, practice sessions will be conducted on your Reiki Teacher. These can be intensive and so it is recommended you have at least 8 hours rest the night before your first day of training.

What to Bring

A pen and notepad are useful to bring if you would like to take notes. The program is more practical in nature and a study manual outlining what you will learn during the program is provided but please feel free to add any notes you feel will help you.  

A pendulum, if you have one. Otherwise, a ring on a piece of string, thread or a pendant on a chain will do just as well. 

Optional: A sacred object to you - this may be a keepsake, a piece of jewellery, a crystal or a small something which is special and personal to you. This will be charged with energy over the course of the program. This is entirely optional. Otherwise, you need only bring yourself and your heartfelt commitment to becoming a professional practitioner.

Securing Your Place

Your place is secured by online purchase of the program ticket and can be paid securely online. Your contact details for registration on the course are requested at the time of booking. If you are unable to secure a place on this program, please get in touch to add your name to the waiting list for the next planned program. Please see full terms and conditions for all bookings conditions.

After The Program

After the successful completion of the program, attending regular supervision and mentoring sessions is recommended to support your professional development and practice.

Payment Methods

Your booking is made by secure online payment by debit or credit card. 


The venue is not wheelchair accessible. 

Location and Parking

The venue is easily accessible by public transport and there is free on street parking - the venue is in a quiet residential area and parking is subject to availability. Please visit the Locations page on the website for details on location map, parking, public transport and directions.

Your Reiki Teacher

The course is provided by Flourish, Holistic Medicine and Healing service based in Glasgow and is facilitated by Andrea Doran, Flourish's Reiki Master and Teacher. Andrea is a Holistic Medicine Specialist, Shamanic Healer, Medical Intuitive, Reiki Teacher and Therapeutic Horticulturist. She has been working in the field of holistic medicine for 20 years, including holistic bodywork, energy work, plant medicine, vibrational medicine, psychic surgery and shamanic healing ceremonies, and has had the joy of teaching and sharing Reiki for almost 15 years. Her approach is down to earth and her courses are simple yet highly effective. She believes we all have the capacity to heal and that Reiki is not a complicated skill to learn or develop - your dedicated intention and focus are requested during her courses. You can find out more about Andrea, the ethos behind Flourish and the medicine, healing and training services her practice provides by visiting

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