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Endometriosis a chronic and often debilitating condition that is a lead cause in fertility difficulties and often presents bowel and bladder problems. It is not only the physical symptoms that make endometriosis difficult to live with; the mental and emotional strain that comes with living with a chronic condition can be incredibly demanding and draining. If a diagnosis of Endometriosis is adversely affecting conception, please visit Fertility and TTC.
One of my clients, Juliet*, lives with endometriosis and successfully conceived, with assisted conception and support from my fertility support plans - you can read about her incredible journey here.
My alternative and holistic approaches provide empathetic emotional support and are dedicated sessions aimed at pain management, menstruation cycle regulation and flow, addressing fatigue and ongoing diary self care.
My blog post, Endometriosis and Holistic Medicine, has more information on how treatments can help forge a positive way forward.
*Juliet is pseudonym to protect client confidentiality.
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