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'The face is the soul of the body’ - Ludwig Wittgenstein, philosopher
Diện Chẩn Facial Acupressure is a form of acupressure based on Traditional Vietnamese Medicine and face mapping. Diện Chẩn is similar to Reflexology in that it considers certain zones on the face to relate to specific areas of the body and positive holistic changes can be initiated by stimulating these zones and acupressure points. It is a gentle yet intensive therapy, its applications are far reaching and often its benefits can be felt after the first session. It is one of the few therapies which can be done at home between appointments.

While Diện Chẩn offers some fantastic naturally restorative effects for the face - including increased blood flow to the facial muscles, evenness of skin tone and a reduction in line appearance - it is so much more than aesthetics, although these are certainly wonderful additional effects of the treatment. A natural glow and a deep sense of serenity are common after a Diện Chẩn treatment. My clients have described Diện Chẩn as being incredibly relaxing but what they also share is just how surprisingly uplifting it is - one client described it as feeling as though all stress, tension and worries had just been completely lifted away from her.

As one of the first Diện Chẩn practitioners in Scotland, I use a combination of traditional acupressure techniques, zone therapy practices and fluid massage movements and I incorporate stone and crystal tools in my treatments.

Your First Visit
Your first visit includes initial consultation and the treatment sessions are individually tailored with techniques designed specifically for you and your ongoing self-care, with face maps where I recommend simple, quick and easy exercises for you to apply at home.

Remote/Distance Sessions
Diện Chẩn is a therapy that encourages self application and I provide online sessions to clients all over the world so that their healing can be in their hands. With techniques shared in our private one to one sessions via Zoom, a link to the recording of the techniques shared during each session is emailed to you after the session so that you can confidently and skillfully apply the techniques at home, wherever you are. 
Online sessions can be booked online below.
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