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Auric cleansing and preservation techniques

HAPPAETM  is a dedicated system of energy body cleansing and auric preservation techniques for those who work closely, empathetically and compassionately with others



HAPPAETM (Healing And Protective Preservation of Auric Energy) is a unique program specifically developed for people working in roles that require their focus on ongoing empathetic and compassionate support when working closely with others. These roles can include counsellors, charity workers, teachers, healers, therapists, psychotherapists, medical professionals, carers, receptionists, hospitality workers, volunteers and many more. While this series of workshops were developed with these professions in mind, the program is suitable for anyone who feels they have a sensitive and empathic response to others and for anyone who finds establishing and maintaining healthy boundaries with others challenging.


HAPPAETM is a program of three 3 hour practical workshops which include:

An introduction to the auric body

Cleansing the auric bodies with energy techniques

Generating energy from within

Cleansing the auric bodies with energy techniques

Cleansing another person's auric body using energy techniques

Techniques for energetically cleansing a workspace or room

Protective techniques to avoid energy draining from others

Building an energetic barrier

Closing and reopening energy connections

£155 per person for all three workshops.
Things To Bring
  • A yoga mat or other mat to sit and lie on comfortably
  • A cushion and blanket or warm throw
  • A piece of cloth, no larger than a pillow case
  • A bottle of water
  • A small bowl
  • A candle
  • A heatproof dish or saucer
  • A small handful of rice
  • An object sacred to you (it can be a piece of jewellery, crystal, small amount of herbs, photograph or any other item you feel strongly connected to)
Workshop Dates
Please see below for upcoming events, courses and workshops. If there is nothing detailed below, please contact me with your interest in attending the next workshop.
How To Book
Tickets for the event are available to purchase below to secure your place on the workshop. Please note, spaces are limited. 
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