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Discover The Dragoness:

Harnessing The Power Of Your Menopause


£69 - 110* includes tea, coffee, refreshments throughout the day and a light vegan lunch.


This alternative look at the menopause is a full day dedicated to women who are undergoing this incredible time of transition. You are extended a very warm welcome to this workshop of empowerment, healing and self compassion to harness your own incredible, natural power during this creative time of life.

In this uplifting and positive day, we come together to share our own stories and experiences of menopause and, by exploring various traditional medicine and holistic approaches and learning simple, practical exercises for self healing and support, you will discover how to strengthen your voice, energy, confidence, presence and value in an increasingly youth-focused society.

The workshop includes:

  • Exploring the effects of societal and cultural perceptions of the menopause

  • Common definitions of women’s roles and how they can adversely impact self care

  • Plant medicine ceremony for clearing the path for a new perspective of personal power

  • Reconnecting with Goddess energy for restoring and strengthening self acceptance

  • Meditative practice to help heal the wounds inflicted by restrictive or damaging generational and societal definitions

  • Naturally supportive approaches and holistic techniques for reducing stress, anxiety and fatigue and encouraging relaxation

  • Shamanic healing to support a self compassionate approach to menopause​ , reclaiming and harnessing the personal power of your own incredible transformation



*This workshop is intended to be as inclusive as possible and so there are 3 types of tickets available.

Standard £110 - This ticket is the standard rate for this event. If you are able to pay this rate, you are invited to choose this ticket type.

Discounted £90 - If the cost of the standard ticket would prevent you from attending this event, you are invited to choose this ticket type. For example, you may be a charity worker or low waged.

Unwaged £69 - If the cost of the standard and discount ticket types would prevent you from attending this event, you are invited to choose this ticket type. For example, you may be unwaged or receive support.


Refreshments and Lunch

Herbal tea refreshments and water are available throughout the day. A light vegan lunch is provided.

(Please note that accommodation will be made as much as possible for dietary requirements however it cannot be guaranteed that the lunch will exclude all allergens in its preparation and cooking. If you have dietary restrictions, it is recommended to arrange for your own personal provision of lunch.)



It is essential to avoid alcohol and recreational substances on the day of the workshop, and it is advisable to also avoid these the night before the day of the workshop.

What to Bring

A pen and notepad are useful to bring if you would like to take notes. A small blanket and eye mask or scarf are also useful for use during the meditation exercises but not essential. Otherwise, you need only bring yourself and an open heart and mind!

Securing Your Place

Please note that places are limited. Your place is secured by online purchase of workshop tickets and can be paid securely online. Your contact details for registration on the workshop are requested at the time of booking. Please see full terms and conditions for all bookings conditions.


Payment Methods

Your booking is made by secure online payment by debit or credit card.


The venue, including onsite bathroom facilities, is fully wheelchair user accessible. Please contact me in advance of the workshop so that all provisions are made to ensure your comfort and ease of access to the venue and its facilities.


Location and Parking

Please visit the Locations page on the website for more details on location map, parking, public transport and directions.


Your Dragoness Facilitator

The workshop is is facilitated by Andrea Doran, Flourish's Medicine Woman. Andrea is a Holistic Medicine Specialist, Shamanic Healer, Reiki Teacher and Therapeutic Horticulturist and has been working in the field of holistic medicine for 20 years, including holistic bodywork, energy work, plant medicine, vibrational medicine and shamanic healing ceremonies. She is personally experiencing her own transformative menopause and supports many menopausal clients, who were an inspiration to create this unique workshop. She created this workshop with the intention of both positively supporting women and encouraging the empowerment that autonomy of our own health can bring. You can find out more about Andrea here, and the ethos behind Flourish and the medicine, healing and training services the practice provides by visiting the About page


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Flourish Newsletter

To subscribe to the Flourish newsletter and updates on upcoming events, please add your details to the Subscribe link at the bottom of each page. Your privacy is always respected and your details will never be shared.


Please see terms and conditions for full details and booking conditions.

Discover The Dragoness™ and Discover The Dragoness: Harnessing The Power Of Your Menopause™ are trademark Flourish. Workshop content is for personal use only of participants, subject to copyright © 2019 Andrea Doran, Flourish.

Radiating Rays For Animals - Free of charge
Radiating Rays For Animals - Free of charge
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