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I have a longstanding rheumatic condition which affects my joints. Occasionally I get a flare up and this causes my joints to swell, causing pain and discomfort and decreasing mobility and flexibility in the affected areas. I contacted Andrea for an Initial Reflexology appointment in the hope it could help to alleviate my symptoms. I was asked to provide some information about my general health and some questions relating to lifestyle – thorough indeed!

Brendan, Client

Read Brendan's story of living with Ankylosing Arthritis here


I support many different clients with a wide range of long term/chronic and life limiting health conditions, from anxiety and epilepsy to MS and CFS. I also support clients living with late stage and terminal diagnoses.


Holistic approaches can have an incredibly positive effect on managing pain, health mind and emotional responses and supporting positivity and resilience.


I recommend support plans for all my clients living with a long term condition or a life limiting illness as improvements and positive changes are only possible with a commitment to regular sessions. My therapeutic approaches and recommendations are different for each client depending on their own individual needs - there is no 'one size fits all' at Flourish. Please visit the FAQ page for more information on what to expect from sessions, how to prepare and general questions on how often to attend and what therapies may suit your own needs.


New Clients

An initial assessment, consultation and therapy can be booked online for both my practices, South Lanarkshire and Glasgow. Your first visit is 90 minutes including consultation and therapy.

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