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All resources that are offered free are exactly that.

If you enjoy my newsletters, writings, blog posts, videos and free monthly group healing sessions, the Buy Me A Coffee scheme offers the opportunity to extend any support of these by offering a donation equivalent to a cup of coffee (or herb tea in my case!)If you feel you'd like to, you can buy me a herby tea here. If you would like to regularly support my work, patron options are available.

What Is a Patron?
A patron is someone who commits to regularly supporting the creative works of independent one person businesses in exchange for access to services or resources that are exclusively available to patrons. 
In exchange for a commitment to monthly support, you receive access to restricted, exclusive and new content. More details on this are here.

Copyright and IP: All content is Copyright and Intellectual Property of Flourish and support and patronage does not change this. Patronage does not allow content to be used, replicated, copied or other. The content available is for personal use and information only. Distribution and professional use are prohibited. Please see terms and conditions for full details.

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