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ancestral healing

We have genetic, energetic and spiritual connections with our ancestors. Those who have went before us can be ancestors of recent generations or many lifetimes ago. In shamanic practices, anything unhealed in our ancestral line, from their experiences, is considered an incredibly important influencing factor in our own current lifetime.
Many spiritual and energetic practices are becoming recognised as valid healing modalities in medical circles in helping to address the effects of generational trauma. Medical researchers have discovered that trauma experienced first hand by previous generations not only adversely affects the physical, mental and emotional ability to create a nurturing and supportive environment for their children, but scientists and medical professionals consider that these traumatic experiences have affected the DNA of the traumatized person and have effectively passed the energetic memories of the trauma to subsequent generations.
I attended a conference in Glasgow some time ago in which Sir Harry Burns, Professor of Public Health at the University of Strathclyde and the Chief Medical Officer for the Scottish Government from 2005 - 2014, spoke of this and believes this to be a major contributing factor in Scotland's mortality rates. His lecture showed some incredibly compelling evidence undertaken in the US that medical researchers had gleaned from researching the third generation of Holocaust survivors and how they had effectively carried the horrific experiences of their ancestors, the trauma resonating through the generations, despite their own safety and security - both socio-economically and physically - being substantially and significantly improved for that generation.
There are many ways to heal our ancestral line and compassionately release ourselves from the burdens of unresolved experiences of our ancestors, allowing us to not only heal ourselves but also our ancestors. Ancestral healing is deeply profound work. My approaches include Quantum Entanglement Healing and Shamanic Ancestral Healing Ceremonies, both of which can help us address and support energetic disentanglement, empathetic and compassionate release and healing from multi generational trauma.
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